Creamy Peas with Ham and Mint

Creamy Peas with Ham and Mint

This month I’m creating recipes for BlogHer and Kraft featuring Philadelphia Cooking Cream and Cream Cheese.  Head over to Pinch My Salt Reviews for this simple side dish recipe, including step-by-step photos, and learn about Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia Contest.

Creamy Peas with Ham and Mint Recipe

  1. cory {relish)

    I am stunned no one has commented on this – it looks divine! I just opened my browser and my mouth literally started watering. I love peas & ham together….I have a ton of leftover proscuitto (thanks to wine & cheese with the girls saturday night), and though I dont think I’ll do this with cream cheese I think I will try to riff on it using a roux and some cream. ohhhhh I cant wait! Thanks for the idea & the lovely pic 🙂

    its about time I commented – I love your blog! xo

    11:59 am  May 9th, 2011
  2. Nicole

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, Cory! This would be great with prosciutto.

    12:58 pm  May 9th, 2011
  3. Nisrine M.

    Sounds lovely. I like the addition of ham.

    4:17 pm  May 9th, 2011
  4. Laurie @SimplyScratch

    I agree! This looks great! I always love a new side dish to serve!!

    5:42 pm  May 9th, 2011
  5. Emily

    LOVE peas…this looks simply delicious!!!
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    9:43 am  May 10th, 2011
  6. Barbara

    This is the perfect combo! Looks marvelous.

    5:26 am  May 11th, 2011
  7. Matt @ ProChef360

    Looks like delicious and healthy to me. Hmmm…this is so yummmy and good for my diet as well.

    3:35 pm  May 13th, 2011
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