Food Blog Friday: Alpineberry’s Luscious Lemon Bars

IMG_9332 - Version 2

Welcome to Food Blog Friday!  I’ve decided to start a series dedicated to sharing recipes that I’ve tried from other food blogs.  I plan on tempting you with a fantastic recipe from a different food blog each week.  This is how it will work:  I’ll try out the recipe myself, show you a photo of my results, then send you over to the featured blog for the recipe.  It will be a great way for all of us to learn more about what’s happening in the food blogosphere.

This week I reached way back into the past and dug up Alpineberry’s recipe for Luscious Lemon Bars. Alpineberry is a wonderful baking blog that I’ve been following for a few years now.  In addition to tempting us with her own creations, Mary has been an active member of The Daring Bakers since early 2007.  That’s a lot of daring baking!

IMG_9325 - Version 2

I’ve been craving lemon bars like crazy lately and once I read Mary’s description of a perfect lemon bar, I knew I would have to give her recipe a try.  But this recipe did more than satisfy a craving – these are the best lemon bars I’ve ever tasted!

IMG_9337 - Version 2

I followed the recipe exactly, although I used regular lemons where she uses meyer lemons because I prefer extra tart lemon bars.  The recipe worked perfectly and for once, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Parchment-Lined Pan

I do have one little trick I’d like to share with you.  When I lined the pan with parchment paper I left two long sides to hang over the edge of the pan.  This made it simple to pull out the whole thing once it was cooled, which in turn made for easier slicing.

IMG_9315 - Version 2

Although I did sprinkle them with powdered sugar for decoration, I found that the bars were best with only a light dusting.  They are pretty much perfect on their own.

If you’ve been looking for a fantastic lemon bar recipe, I highly recommend you head over to Alpineberry and give this one a try!  And while you’re there, you should check out some of her other delicious treats like Triple Threat Lemon Cupcakes, Nutella Cheesecake Brownies, or Blueberry Hand Pies.

Luscious Lemon Bars recipe at Alpineberry

  1. pam

    This is a great idea!! I might steal (or at least borrow) it sometime!

    4:00 am  May 28th, 2010
  2. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    I love love love this idea!
    What can I do to get you to try one of my recipes?

    5:26 am  May 28th, 2010
  3. Alta

    Great idea! And these lemon bars do look REALLY good.

    6:27 am  May 28th, 2010
  4. Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

    Those look delightful!


    7:28 am  May 28th, 2010
  5. Kenna

    Oh, lemon bars. One of my favorites! Gorgeous photos, as always. I made lemon bars not too long ago. I love the sweet and tart! Yum. Unlike alpineberry, I prefer a pretty thick crust. I like it to be 1/2 crust, 1/2 lemon. We all have our preferences! See below link for photos of my lemon bars.

    7:43 am  May 28th, 2010
  6. Beau

    That top crust looks phenomenal. I think you’re right: powdered sugar not required. …’course if you actually serve a lemon bar sans powdered sugar, the whole concept might scare and confuse 🙂

    7:56 am  May 28th, 2010
  7. Amber

    I am so excited to try these. I have been dreaming and salivating since you posted the teaser photos to facebook yesterday.

    8:08 am  May 28th, 2010
  8. Nicole

    I’m here to back you up on this one. I have been making Mary’s lemon bars for a couple of years now and there is no doubt that they are the best. As crazy as this sounds I like them when they are still a little warm. I even adapted the recipe and used Rhubarb or Persimmon puree instead of lemon juice and had wonderful results as well.

    8:08 am  May 28th, 2010
  9. Louise

    This is a great idea, and these bars are luscious! Lemon bars can be tricky, I agree with the original blogger there is a science and balance to a good lemon bar. Nice to see yours aren’t running down the middle-the flour did the trick…

    8:33 am  May 28th, 2010
  10. Cookie Maker

    I love the idea of sharing ideas and recipes and having an open community of food bloggers. I write the food blog for the Calgary Public Library website and borrowing and tweaking recipes is what happens most days, using other blogs, cookbooks, websites for inspiration. Hard to find a “perfect” recipe, so I will go and make those lemon squares right now! Thanks so much.

    8:50 am  May 28th, 2010
  11. pinoypen

    Oh. I have never tried lemon bars before. Honestly, I never tasted one before. LOL. now, I will try to make some for snacks tomorrow.

    9:13 am  May 28th, 2010
  12. Ruby

    By far the best lemon bars I have tasted in my life! They just melted in my mouth! Your the best Nicole, thank you!

    9:45 am  May 28th, 2010
  13. Nathan

    Amazing!! Thanks for letting Ruby bring some to work for us… And feel free to send more with her anytime!

    9:59 am  May 28th, 2010
  14. Wild Salmon

    I love your idea of using regular Eureka or Lisbon lemons to create extra tartness. In fact, when I read it I liked your recipe so much that I forwarded your URL to millions and zillions of my friends. Where I live we don’t have easy access to fresh lemons, so what I do is just go online ( ) and order from growers that pick them right off the trees and ship them direct — a tip I learned from my cousin in North Dakota. This way I get fresh lemons picked from the tree without all the time sitting in cartons, trucks and warehouses.
    Samantha Salmon

    2:38 pm  May 28th, 2010
  15. A&N

    I’m SO making this. I’ve been craving it for 2 years now. Can you believe it?

    Plus I saw a recipe recently that added ginger to the crust. I think I will make 2 batches of this 😀

    I so see this in my future!

    4:19 pm  May 28th, 2010
  16. Daily Spud

    Fantastic – I have been looking for a really good lemon bar recipe. I think I just found it!

    3:10 pm  May 30th, 2010
  17. HoHoHo

    Fantastic… just harvested lots of lemon… will give it a go… thanks 🙂

    11:33 pm  May 30th, 2010
  18. Helena

    I am making this TODAY. Thank you for turning me on to this blog – I love your blog – you never disappoint and always inspire.

    9:25 am  May 31st, 2010
  19. Mrs. L

    Love lemon bars, keep bookmarking them on food blogs and never get around to making them. I think I need to stop and just make these!

    2:43 pm  Jun 1st, 2010
  20. Grace

    Cool! I have a Food Friday on my blog too but I have a personal blog where I write about food each Friday (and often more). I like the idea of sharing recipes from blogs. I look forward to reading about them.

    9:17 pm  Jun 2nd, 2010
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  22. Sara

    I made this recipe over the weekend while visiting my parents. I think next time I’ll have to bake the crust a bit longer, as it was a tad too soft – I baked it for almost 18 minutes, but maybe the oven just wasn’t hot enough. Regardless, the flavor was fantastic. They’re wonderfully tart, with a nice silky finish.

    7:14 am  Jun 8th, 2010
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  26. Kimberly

    Tried this recipe as well, three times, and its a wonderful, tasy, and easy recipe. Its now my go too lemon bar recipe. Nothing like something rich and homemade in a less than an hour. hmmmm.

    3:59 am  Jun 16th, 2010
  27. T1 Price

    Oh my gosh, those photos make my tummy hungry for lemon bars. Luscious lemons. I am making this recipe TODAY. I love your blog – you never disappoint and always inspire.

    5:25 pm  Jul 2nd, 2010
  28. Mary

    Will make these for my 90 yr. old mother in law’s birthday. All she can taste is lemon and I know she will love these. Thanks

    12:01 pm  Aug 14th, 2010
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    i love these foods!!

    1:41 am  Sep 15th, 2010
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    My god this looks so delicious.

    3:47 am  Oct 28th, 2015
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  35. honey dee

    this is incredible

    3:08 am  Nov 19th, 2015
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