Food Blogs in the Press and Cute Dog Photos

The Dogs

There’s a great article in today’s Fresno Bee food section about using online resources to get information about the local food scene. Joan Obra’s article was particularly interesting to me since it mentions Pinch My Salt and includes a couple of my recipes, but it’s also filled with other great information 😉

Read the article here.

And now about the dogs. I’ve been house sitting/animal sitting for my cousin the last couple of days and couldn’t resist taking some photos. They have three dogs: Eddie the Basset Hound, Bruce the Dachshund, and Sara the Mutt. I’m also living with three cats but MacGyver, Mia, and Montecore won’t stay still long enough for me to snap any photos. They are the most energetic cats I’ve ever been around!

More about food tomorrow!

  1. Ruby Berry

    Great article! And I love the doggy pictures, they are sooo cute!

    2:12 am  Aug 16th, 2007
  2. Amy

    great pics of the pups! cj’s dog just had puppies if you want one, lol! the clovis farmers market is friday night in old town, lots of fun. we def. should do that when they get back next week!! you have my number (but i lost yours! 🙁

    2:24 am  Aug 16th, 2007
  3. Erin

    I love that “naughty ice cream sandwich” recipe. It’s so great that you’re getting so much good press. As for the dogs though, eek! I’m just going to run the other way.

    3:43 am  Aug 16th, 2007
  4. Nicole

    Ruby: Thanks! I finally picked up a copy of the Bee and saw the article in print form. It looks really great!

    Amy: I’ll have to talk to Justin about another puppy…I’m thinking that the answer is probably NO 🙂 Corinne and Jason are back tonight so we should go Friday if I don’t end up going to the cabin or something

    Erin: Thanks for stopping by! I’m gonna head over to your blog now and see if you ended up baking some bread or not!

    4:08 am  Aug 16th, 2007
  5. Amy

    okay, Friday sounds good, as long as David and I don’t end up going to Pismo that night (I don’t think we are leaving until Sat. though). It’s really great, hopfully the weather will cooperate! give me a call!

    4:19 am  Aug 16th, 2007
  6. Kalyn

    Nicole, very cool article. It’s great they are featuring you.

    I cannot figure out why newspapers don’t learn to make hyperlinks in their online versions when there’s a link in the print article. I see this quite frequently. Newspapers are so out of date on that.

    12:57 pm  Aug 16th, 2007
  7. Curt

    I knew you had to be a dog person. 🙂 Congrats on the mention in the press!

    3:08 pm  Aug 16th, 2007
  8. Jason

    You are a Kerman native, huh? Interesting.

    Way to go on the press coverage.

    (As I type this, we are talking about stuff across the room…silly)

    5:25 pm  Aug 16th, 2007
  9. Nicole

    Amy: Ok, sounds good. I’ll call you tonight and see what your plans are. And Jason just asked me if you and I had been planning a party at their house…what’s that all about? 🙂

    Kalyn: Thanks! And you’re right, I don’t know why they don’t use hyperlinks.

    Curt: Have you seen photos of my Boston Terrier? I don’t know why he’s never starred in one of my posts.

    Jason: Yeah, not quite sure how that ended up in the article. Correction: I am a MADERA native. 🙂

    5:32 pm  Aug 16th, 2007
  10. Amy

    LOL, i was giving him a hard time on his blog…my mom says that there is an Italian Farmer’s Market at Champlaign and Perrin tonight, 5-9pm. That interest you?

    6:40 pm  Aug 16th, 2007
  11. Corinne

    Wow, those dogs are gorgeous! =)
    Thank you for spending a few days with the dogs! You’re the best! — Now go cook me some mac’n’cheese!

    5:03 am  Aug 17th, 2007
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