Goodbye, November

Today is the last day of National Blog Posting Month and the NaBloPoMo challenge of blogging every single day this month has finally come to an end.  Since today also happens to be my birthday, I decided to give myself a break and not worry about uploading photos, sharing recipes, or even talking much about food.  I spent a relaxing day with my fiancé, opened some fun presents this evening, and had a nice home-cooked dinner with family.  It really was a perfect end to a busy, stressful month and rather than feeling burned out, I’m charged up and ready for December.  I have new recipe ideas to test and share, sourdough starter to play with, a stack of new cookbooks to try out and review, and some great products to give away.  See you in December!

  1. Joanna

    Happy birthday, hope u had a wonderful day, thank u for your fabulous blog!

    11:06 pm  Nov 30th, 2013
  2. Laura

    I have been really impressed this month, you did a great job!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Looking forward to December!

    6:52 am  Dec 1st, 2013
  3. Barbara Dowell

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God give you showers of blessings!!

    10:58 am  Dec 1st, 2013
  4. Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

    Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one!

    8:29 pm  Dec 2nd, 2013
  5. Ria Moline

    I don’t even butter my bread; I consider that cooking.

    Katherine Cebrian

    8:06 am  Dec 3rd, 2013
  6. Kelly

    belated happy birthday

    6:31 am  Dec 24th, 2013
  7. Replacement Windows

    Man thank God the holiday season is over Goodbye 2013

    8:15 am  Dec 27th, 2013
  8. Pamela Rosinia

    Belated Happy Birthday and greetings of the season. I love your site so I am adding it to Work Smarter not Harder(RESOURCES) at Thank you, pinchmysalt.

    2:09 pm  Jan 5th, 2014
  9. Leucadia Chiropractor

    Wow! Belated happy birthday. Hope you had a blast! What are the usual things you do on birthdays?

    11:45 pm  Jan 23rd, 2014
  10. Suzanne

    Are you ever coming back to us? We miss you. Hope this long silence means so many good things are happening that you just can’t find time to bring us up to date!

    8:16 pm  Feb 4th, 2014
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