How Do You Plan to Stay in Shape this Holiday Season?

Artichoke 5K

Some of you may remember that I started jogging for the very first time last year.  Well, I managed to keep it up through the holidays, finished the Couch-to-5K program, and even completed two different 5K races without walking – one of which took me jogging through fields of artichokes in Castroville, CA.  It was a huge accomplishment for me and one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

With all the moving and changes in my life this year, I haven’t been taking very good care of myself and my running shoes have been neglected for a while.  Even though I’m feeling out of shape, the great thing about finishing the Couch-to-5K program is that I now know that I am capable of doing it and I’m not at all intimidated to start again.

When I was asked by BlogHer and The Laughing Cow to share a story on my review blog about how I plan to stay in shape this holiday season, I decided that now is the perfect time to start jogging again.  Please head over to Pinch My Salt Reviews to read about my plan to get back in shape and if you leave a comment and share your own story, you’ll be entered to win a $150 Visa card!  Please head over and share your own story or fitness tips now, I need all the motivation I can get!

  1. Kim @ Quit Eating Out {Recipes to Make Dining Out a Choice, Not a Chore}

    I also did and loved the couch~to~the~5K program…. except I now am back on the couch. I plan to walk my dogs a lot as a starter. Thanks for the great reminder!

    6:21 pm  Nov 17th, 2010
  2. Lisa

    Hey, I used to live in Castroville!

    As soon as I saw the artichokes I thought of a time I was walking on the beach down by the Salinas river and found artichokes all along the sandy shore.
    I’m not much of a runner, but good luck to you!
    I think you’re a good sport for starting up again this winter too.

    6:24 pm  Nov 17th, 2010
  3. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

    I am in the same boat- I plan on getting my butt to the gym as often as I can and tryingggg not to overindulge. So many temptations this time of year!

    8:22 pm  Nov 17th, 2010
  4. Laura Jayne Parson

    I was excited to read that you are starting running again! Kudos – it looks like you have been successful before, and our muscles remember how if felt to be in shape, so it should be easier to do this time!

    I have a blog dedicated to healthy living, so I’d love it if you would check it out! I lose 120 pounds through exercise and diet, but staying healthy is constant struggle for me. Right now I am learning how to eat “out” while making healthy choices – I admit it is a hard thing for me to do! My blog is

    I can’t wait to hear about how your training is going – good luck! Just remember to take it slow, and cross-train.

    4:39 pm  Nov 18th, 2010
  5. Chris

    That’s great. I completed my first 10k in the early summer and then stopped altogether until the 5K Run For the Cure in Oct. It’s surely too cold here in Edmonton to keep up the pace, so I think it might be time for some food watching and the treadmill.

    7:59 pm  Nov 18th, 2010
  6. Lindsay

    Nice to have found your blog! I think that a major thing that has helped me to get my butt in gear (while still supporting my inner foodie) is a local bike to work program they have in Washington DC. Since getting my bike, I feel fabulous. It’s not as tough as running, but I feel like I could do it forever and it really does relieve stress as you are just soaring down a nice trail.
    Good luck!

    6:25 am  Nov 19th, 2010
  7. Kate

    If it wasn’t for the long summer walks, or that treadmill at the Gym, I would weigh a ton. We’d need a crane to get me out of bed. Thank goodness for exercise exercise. As much as I hate going to the Gym, I do it because I love my food and I won’t live without it.

    8:15 am  Nov 19th, 2010
  8. Michael

    Well considering my shape is round, or pear like if you prefer, it won’t be difficult for me to stay in [this] shape.

    7:11 pm  Nov 20th, 2010
  9. Jacky

    I’m also in the same boat. I’m doing a similar podcast program called Start to Run (its a belgian podcast) works great if you understand dutch. I’ve just finished the second week yesterday and already I’m feeling a lot fitter.
    I can’t wait to get into my gear tomorrow and go for it.
    I’m a little bit overwait and I’m trying to loose some of it before the hollidays so I can overindulge at christmas.
    Planning to buy myself a nice jeans when I’ve lost a bit of weight.
    Good luck for you. I hope you will feel fitter as soon as I did.

    11:16 pm  Nov 23rd, 2010
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