What is the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge?

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The challenge is to attempt every single recipe in Peter Reinhart's wonderful book The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread. The original challenge started in May 2009 with a group of 200+ bakers who decided to join me on this baking adventure. Although we are working together and supporting each other, the group is not on a strict schedule and there are no specific deadlines. The only rule we are following is to start at the beginning of the book and work our way through each delicious loaf of bread.

We are a loosely organized group of home bakers, some are bloggers, some are not. We keep up with each other via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and blogging. We might be scattered across the world, but we’re in this together! Although the original group started together, we have new bakers joining in all the time! Would you like to participate?

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