BBA Challenge FAQ
  1. What is the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge?

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    How can I participate in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge?

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    I am not a blogger, can I still participate in the BBA Challenge?

  4. How did this group begin?

  5. What's so great about The Bread Baker's Apprentice book?

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    I'm new to bread baking, will this book be too advanced for me?

  7. How many bread recipes are in the book?

  8. Can I see the list of breads that we'll be baking in the BBA Challenge?

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    Why isn't this group more organized? Where are the rules?

  10. I'm a blogger, what are the blog posting guidelines for The BBA Challenge?

  11. Why can't my blog be listed on the BBA Challenge Blogroll?

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    What's my reward for completing the challenge?

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    Can I put a BBA Challenge badge on my blog?

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    Why can't I share the BBA recipes on my blog?

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    It looks like the BBA Challenge has already started, is it too late to join?

  16. What is Twitter and how do I use it?

  17. What is Flickr and how do I use it?

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    Can I add myself to the BBA Challenge Google Map?

  19. Where is the BBA Challenge Forum?