Thumbelina is in Heaven

Thumbelina at Navy Lodge

At least one of us is happy to be staying at the Navy Lodge for a few days!

Thumbelina 2

Our hotel room came equipped with one thing that was missing in our house…

Thumbelina 3

A windowsill!

Thumbelina 4

  1. VeggieGirl

    Thumbelina is precious!!! Love the “gazing-out-the-window” shots :0)

    4:18 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  2. Christina

    Awh, she so pretty! She looks so soft, I just want to pet her 🙂

    Hope your stay in the lodge isn’t too bad, my kitties are jealous of the windowsill!

    4:52 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  3. Jennifer

    She’s beautiful! Our cats would be lost without all of their windowsills. So much so, that “windowsills” made it onto our new house requirements list. The things we do for our babies….

    5:14 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  4. MeganRuth

    I love those images. What a beautiful cat. I love kitties in windows!

    5:39 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  5. Jason


    6:04 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  6. Ruby

    lol@Jason! Meanie
    Thumbelina looks quite content! 🙂

    11:22 pm  Nov 14th, 2007
  7. Chloe

    That “Fur Person” is wonderful!

    1:28 am  Nov 15th, 2007
  8. Corinne

    I love the first picture where half of her body if hanging off the windowsill because she’s so fat…, I mean “big boned.”

    6:55 am  Nov 15th, 2007
  9. Nicole

    VeggieGirl: Thanks! She has turned into a beautiful cat. Our friends found her as a stray kitten up on Mount Etna. She was severely undernourished and tiny with huge eyes, ears and paws. She looked like a little alien kitty. You’d never know it now!

    Christina: She’s very soft but if you want to pet her, be prepared to deal with the fur that comes flying off her!

    Jennifer: We had rigged a window perch for her at the other house since we didn’t have actual windowsills. But she is enjoying these much more!

    MeganRuth: Thanks!

    Jason: I know you love Thumbelina so I will ignore that comment! 🙂

    Ruby: Yes, she sits up there all day long and is happy as can be!

    Corinne: Haha! Yes, she does look a little ‘rotund’ in that photo. But I took her to the vet yesterday and she said Thumbelina isn’t overweight at all. But guess what? Smack has to lose 2 -3 pounds! Guess he might be getting a few too many treats lately!

    8:40 am  Nov 15th, 2007
  10. Katie

    aww! I love these pictures, she’s adorable 🙂

    12:54 pm  Nov 15th, 2007
  11. courtney

    Whew! I thought this was going to be a “memorial”. Glad to see it is just a metaphorical “heaven” that she is in!

    3:55 pm  Nov 15th, 2007
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