Wordless Wednesday: A Dog Named Smack

Boston Terrier

  1. Sean

    Such a punim!

    1:14 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  2. oregoncoastgirl


    1:37 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  3. Amber

    He is SUCH a cootiepatootie it kills me. I’d have him over for tea, but I think he and the troublesome duo might not get along. In fact, I think Milo possibly outweighs smack. 22 lbs. of solid Maine Coon.

    2:12 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  4. Amber


    2:12 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  5. Katie

    so. cute.

    2:25 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  6. Alelunetta

    sooo cute!!! bellissimo! :))

    2:27 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  7. Jesse (@NakedSweets)

    OMG! This could be a Wordless World with a precious lil face like that!! Luv it!!!:)

    2:34 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  8. Brit

    I want this dog. SO CUTE!

    2:45 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  9. Alta

    OMG what an inquisitive little face. LOVE Bostons. They’re possibly one of the most expressive dogs out there. Adorable.

    2:49 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  10. suzanne

    Oh i just want to pick him up and cuddle him 🙂

    3:11 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  11. Jo Carol

    Can you send him here to Connecticut! Have had Bostons all my life. Still mourning the loss of our little female Boston Terrier, Valentine. Time to bring another one into our lives!

    4:24 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  12. heather peskin

    Such a darling baby! You must love him to bits.

    7:12 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  13. The Teacher Cooks

    I love smack!!

    7:19 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  14. Simply Luxurious


    7:53 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  15. kate

    cute dog, big eye, adorable, love it

    10:55 pm  Jan 27th, 2010
  16. Gia

    You can’t help but smile looking at this picture! It totally brightened my day. Thanks for sharing!!

    1:16 pm  Jan 28th, 2010
  17. My Year on the Grill

    Leaves me speachless

    8:34 pm  Jan 28th, 2010
  18. lagata

    Oh my goodness he is just too cute 🙂 My Boston is Zoe, she is my joy 🙂

    12:24 pm  Jan 29th, 2010
  19. Barbara

    Is he looking at my cookie???

    1:02 pm  Jan 29th, 2010
  20. TasteofBeirut

    I am more into cats but I will admit this one looks like an interesting dog to talk to!

    3:31 pm  Jan 29th, 2010
  21. Bobby

    I want one!!!!!! These dogs have the coolest eyes and facial shapes. always make me laugh 🙂

    9:07 pm  Jan 29th, 2010
  22. theUngourmet

    What a peanut!! 😀

    10:53 pm  Jan 29th, 2010
  23. linda

    i have a boston terrier too! they make wonderful companions. mine’s name is bugsy, but i like to call him “funny face”. he responds to both 🙂

    3:43 pm  Jan 30th, 2010
  24. chef renee

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    7:50 pm  Jan 30th, 2010
  25. tiny home plans

    I want to cuddle the pup! So small and cute!

    12:57 am  Feb 1st, 2010
  26. Heather

    Lordy is he adorable.

    Makes me miss my little man Zo…

    7:55 pm  Feb 1st, 2010
  27. Rosa

    What a cutie! I’d love to have such a dog!



    2:45 pm  Feb 4th, 2010
  28. Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet

    He looks like he actually posed for the camera Nicole, too cute!

    1:33 pm  Feb 5th, 2010
  29. Danielle

    I love the look on his face! Adorable!

    7:44 am  Feb 14th, 2010
  30. Lauren

    Aww.. He is such a cutie. Dogs are not our whole life, they make our life whole. 🙂

    1:20 pm  Feb 27th, 2010
  31. Teri [a foodie stays fit]

    I want that dog. 🙂

    8:53 am  Mar 16th, 2010
  32. betty

    he’s so adorable 🙂

    9:43 pm  Apr 21st, 2010
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