Wordless Wednesday: Early Morning Chickens

Lucy the Rhode Island Red

Flock of Backyard Hens | pinchmysalt.com

Smack the Boston Terrier | pinchmysalt.com

Elsie the Australorp | pinchmysalt.com

Goldie Hen the Golden Laced Wyandotte | pinchmysalt.com

Flock of Backyard Hens | pinchmysalt.com

Spunky Brewster the Barred Rock | pinchmysalt.com

  1. Phillip

    Hey guess what!

    10:14 am  Oct 12th, 2016
  2. Charles E.

    It is really SAD to see your nice website go downhill so far as to publish Google advertising over just about EVERY photo!

    I’m sure that I am NOT the only person that won’t be coming back again unless this changes.


    1:20 pm  Oct 12th, 2016
  3. Charles E.

    Thanks for changing that!

    A little advertising is fine (and we all do understand that you make some $$$ off the clicks now and then).

    But some sites have so much advertising that the content is lost (or the site becomes too annoying or slow to load).

    We would have hated to lose your content!



    2:40 pm  Oct 12th, 2016
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