Wordless Wednesday: Graham Crackers and Marshmallows

Homemade Graham Crackers

Homemade Honey Marshmallows

Almost a S'more

Marshmallows and Graham Cracker Crumbs

Homemade Marshmallows dipped in Chocolate

  1. phil

    These are lovely pictures. Those dipped in chocolate with the crumbled graham cracker on top, a sort of s’mores candy, look delicious. 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to make my own marshmallows.

    7:23 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  2. Beth

    OMG! This looks so great! I can’t wait to surprise my husband with some homemade graham crackers. Thank you for posting this.

    7:36 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  3. Wendy

    Must make smores very very soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

    7:41 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  4. Rebecca

    Wow those look fantastic. I believe I am officially inspired.

    8:11 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  5. Liz

    Now I could do these! Yum! Thanks for sharing something EASY to do!

    8:17 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  6. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    oh wow, homemade marshmallows? that’s impressive.

    8:20 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  7. Sarah

    Mmm. I have always wanted to make homemade marshmallows. Maybe I will!

    9:01 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  8. Kristina

    Oh man, DROOL!

    9:18 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  9. Rebecca

    Gorgeous photos! I want to eat them, NOW.

    9:20 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  10. Ed Schenk

    Great Photos. I have never made marshmallows but it seem possible.

    9:28 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  11. WhitePlates

    The trio of marshmallows with I can only presume are topped with crushed graham crackers looks absolutely delicious. I would be a very untrustworthy photographer’s assistant I am sure! At the Halifax Farmer’s Market I have a friend who sells her marshmallows and they are incredible!

    9:47 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  12. The Italian Dish

    What a beautiful post.

    10:38 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  13. Sook @ My Fabulous Recipes

    I am speechless…. The marshmallows look so beautiful!

    11:19 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  14. Jodi

    Gorgeous! Now I am starving……..

    11:55 am  Mar 17th, 2010
  15. Alison @ Hospitality Haven

    I wish I could eat my screen right now!! Those pictures look fantastic!!

    1:06 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  16. Year on the Grill

    Takes me back

    1:13 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  17. Ayla

    Ha, totally thought the marshmallows were tofu for a second there.

    1:18 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  18. plzzshop5

    Ha, totally thought the marshmallows were tofu for a second there.

    6:03 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  19. barbarella

    Artfully delicious! Can’t wait to try!

    6:42 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  20. Geoffrey @ BonAppY'all

    Looks great! Especially the last two pictures…would be fun to serve as a fancy dessert at a nice dinner party!

    7:04 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  21. Lyndsey

    Oh, how beautiful, I don’t have the “words” to describe it! 🙂

    8:40 pm  Mar 17th, 2010
  22. katy

    perfection! love this.

    8:45 am  Mar 18th, 2010
  23. eatingRD

    oh my gosh, those look like heaven! I’m a big fan of smores and practically eat the whole bag when we go camping 🙂

    11:10 am  Mar 18th, 2010
  24. bob

    wow, look at that, I’m already drooling, great color, looks delicious

    6:42 am  Mar 20th, 2010
  25. Kimberly@ SinfullyThin.blogspot.com

    Wow…I haven’t had smore’s in a while…these look so grown up and chic.

    11:30 am  Mar 20th, 2010
  26. Leigh

    When I scrolled to the third picture, a big grin spread across my face.

    Thanks for the inspiration. These are beautiful!

    10:00 am  Mar 21st, 2010
  27. The Teacher Cooks

    My students and I are drooling over your pictures. These look amazing! Come to Georgia and make them for us!

    6:25 am  Mar 22nd, 2010
  28. katrina

    Stunning pictures – and you can bet I’m going to check out those recipes! Thanks so much!

    10:32 am  Mar 22nd, 2010
  29. Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

    S’mores!! I’m so tempted!

    10:06 am  Mar 23rd, 2010
  30. Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows

    Those pictures are amazing and we are going to try out the graham cracker recipe – looks too delicious.

    10:32 am  Mar 24th, 2010
  31. Larisa

    Wow!!!!! This looks like a piece of art. How can one even eat these!? They look great.
    Just wanted to also say thank you. I credited a photo that you used in your blog for one of my blog posts. If you have a moment, drop in at http://inkandivy.blogspot.com/

    I love what your are doing!


    11:45 am  Mar 24th, 2010
  32. Amanda

    I just made these today and they look just like your photos! They are so beautiful I only wish I could know how you take such fabulous shots!

    8:38 am  Mar 27th, 2010
  33. Holly

    Wordless indeed. Who needs the words!? Holy YUM! I have to bookmark those recipes now – those marshmallows look insanely perfect!

    11:14 am  Mar 27th, 2010
  34. pita bread

    Never even thought of making my own marshmallows. Until now, that is. A definite try, thanks for inspiration.

    5:27 am  Mar 30th, 2010
  35. Shaheen

    I loovveeeee that blue plate! And your marshmallows look so, so perfect. I was looking for a marshmallow recipe and someone suggested I try the recipe you used because your’s are so gorgeous.

    10:30 am  Apr 2nd, 2010
  36. cheffresco

    These pictures are so tempting! What a great little treat. Love them!

    7:03 pm  Apr 4th, 2010
  37. Niki

    WOW! That looks amazing!

    8:05 pm  Apr 19th, 2010
  38. Tina@Common Cents Home

    Oh my, those look good. I’ve not been feeling the whole homemade marshmallow craze, until seeing these pictures, now I just might have to try it!

    4:06 pm  Apr 24th, 2010
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