A Beautiful Day in Sicily

Little House

Remember how I joined NaBloPoMo and made a promise to post something every day for the entire month of November? Well, it’s day eleven now and I’m starting to feel the pressure. But here I am, back again!

This is our last weekend in Sicily so we have been trying hard to squeeze in as much last minute sightseeing as we can. Today was a beautiful sunny day so we took a road trip through the island’s interior, visiting the towns of Agira, Nicosia and Sperlinga. Since we were gone all day and it’s now getting close to my bedtime, I am just going to share some photos taken throughout the day rather than writing about the trip. Enjoy!


Countryside with Etna

Country House


Olive Trees

Muddy Boots




Amaro and Chestnuts

You can check out my Flickr photoset if you want to see more from the trip!

  1. VeggieGirl

    oh my goodness, Nicole, these pictures from your trip to Sicily are GORGEOUS!!! It’s such a lovely place to visit, that’s for sure – and I can only imagine how lovely it is for those who LIVE there as well.

    9:48 pm  Nov 11th, 2007
  2. Shawnda

    Beautiful is right! Such breath-taking views.

    10:24 pm  Nov 11th, 2007
  3. Adriana

    Just stunning, Oh I wish I was there.

    10:43 pm  Nov 11th, 2007
  4. Christy

    Wow, you have any amazing eye! Once again I love all of the photos, and am definitely thinking me and my husband need to take a trip!

    12:26 am  Nov 12th, 2007
  5. Cynthia

    I love these pics, Nicole, such beauty in the still-life.

    2:46 am  Nov 12th, 2007
  6. Meryl

    What beautiful photographs – I’m so envious you’ve had the opportunity to live in such an incredible place!!!! Thanks for sharing:-)

    3:15 am  Nov 12th, 2007
  7. Douglas E. Welch

    My wife’s family is from Agira and we have been there twice now. Your pictures make me homesick, if that is possible with a place you have only visited twice. (SMILE)

    I am thinking how nice it would be to be in Agira for the Presepio Vivante this Christmas. (dreaming)

    Thanks for the pictures.


    4:28 am  Nov 12th, 2007
  8. rowena

    Nicole, thanks for leaving that comment at the blog. It always helps to get another perspective! I think I’ll have to pay a visit to Modica and experience chocolate while I’m there. I’m still trying to like the stuff but maybe on this it’s a no win situation.

    Loved this post as it only serves to remind me that I’ll need to make a return visit to Sicily…someday!

    8:05 am  Nov 12th, 2007
  9. Nicole

    VeggieGirl: Thanks! I actually took about 150 photos, it was hard to decide which to share on here! Everywhere I go, everywhere I turn, there are photos opportunities here!

    Shawnda: It was such a nice day. We kept pulling over on the side of the road to take in the views. Besides the beautiful views, It’s just so quiet and peaceful out in the country. The air smells great, the birds are chirping, it’s very relaxing.

    Adriana: I wish everyone could experience it at least once!

    Christy: Thanks! You should definitely take the trip if it’s at all possible 🙂

    Cynthia: Thank you! Sometimes I am disappointed with the photos when I get home but this time around I think I managed to capture our true experience.

    Meryl: Thanks! The experience of living here really changed a lot of things inside me. I will always be grateful that I had this opportunity.

    Douglas: I hope you are able to return soon! We really only passed through Agira, stopping a few times to take in the views and snap some photos. The second photo down is one of the photos I took of the town. We continued on to Nicosia where we stopped for lunch and then took a quick drive to Sperlinga in the evening. The whole area is just beautiful!

    Rowena: No problem! I know several people who don’t like Modica chocolate and honestly if I have the choice of real chocolate from Modica or a Ritter Sport bar, I’d probably reach for the latter 9 times out of 10! But I really do enjoy the Modica chocolate. Probably because it’s tied to the experiences I’ve had here 🙂

    8:52 am  Nov 12th, 2007
  10. Jason

    I’ve been to those places. And so have you! wow.

    8:09 pm  Nov 12th, 2007
  11. Stuck in AL

    Thank you for taking me away via your photos! Callgon, take me away! I always appreciate your travels! Please, please, please tell me what they goodies were in the last photo! Whatever they were, I want some! Both the liquid and solid!

    8:15 pm  Nov 12th, 2007
  12. Anali

    OMG Nicole! These are gorgeous! Wow!

    1:15 am  Nov 13th, 2007
  13. Nicole

    Stuck in AL: The drink was an Amaro and it was served with warm roasted chestnuts. Our waiter brought it to us as a surprise before serving our espresso. It’s very common to have a small glass of liquor after a large meal as a ‘digestivo.’ It was really good and the chestnuts were a nice surprise!

    5:35 pm  Nov 13th, 2007
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