Biscuits with Sausage and Sage Gravy

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

As promised, I will now share my sausage gravy recipe with you. I developed my gravy-making skills fairly late in life because, for whatever reason, we didn’t eat much gravy at home growing up. In fact, the only time I remember eating gravy at all was during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. But those weren’t cream gravies. It wasn’t until I got married that I learned anything at all about cream gravies.

I’ve talked a lot lately about comfort foods and to my husband, comfort food means gravy. He loves meals like fried chicken with mashed potatoes, cream gravy and corn. He also like biscuits with sausage and cream gravy. Well, I’ve never fried a chicken in my life so he has to go home for that type of meal, but I’ve learned how to do one thing right: biscuits with sausage gravy.

It’s taken a lot of trial and error to get a good cream gravy. It’s not a difficult thing to do. The problem is that so many cream gravies are really bland. I used to think there was some big secret to getting a great-flavored gravy. The truth is, you just have to add enough salt and pepper. That’s it. That’s the big secret!

You can of course add other seasonings if you wish. I sometimes like to add a little fresh or dried sage when making sausage gravy and I’ve included sage in the recipe below. But the truth is, you can get a really great tasting gravy with salt and pepper as the only additional seasonings and if you aren’t a fan of sage, feel free to leave it out.

I’ve ruined so many batches of gravy trying to find the right seasonings. I’ve tried garlic and onion powders, seasoned salt, worcestershire sauce, you name it, I’ve added it to my gravy. But it always ended up with an odd flavor. And without the extra seasonings, it just tasted bland and doughy.

The problem was that I wasn’t adding enough salt. I used to be pretty timid when it came to adding salt. I’d heard so many times that you can always add extra salt but you can’t take it away! I was so afraid of ruining something by oversalting it that a lot of the things I cooked were just too bland. But I’ve learned that it’s okay to keep adding salt as long as it’s done in small amounts. Just keep tasting and salting. You’ll know when it’s right.

My method of making gravy is a little different than most I’ve read about. Most recipes will have you crumble and cook the sausage in a skillet, take the sausage out, measure the fat, mix in the flour, whisk in the milk and then stir the sausage back in. I can understand the reasoning behind this. Most people think that to avoid lumpy gravy, you need to whisk the milk and flour together. If the sausage is still in there, how can you whisk it effectively?

Well I’ve learned that another way to avoid lumps in your gravy is to simply heat the milk before adding it to the flour. If you do this, you don’t have to whisk anything, regular stirring will be fine. Since I don’t have to worry about whisking, I just mix the flour right into the sausage and then pour the milk in after the flour has cooked for a couple of minutes.

There are two bonuses to this method of gravy making. Since you don’t have to remove the sausage, you don’t have to get any extra dishes dirty. And the second bonus is that by using warm milk your gravy will thicken faster since you won’t have to wait as long for it to come to temperature.

Now I will answer a couple of questions that might come up after you read my recipe.

First question: why do I cook the sausage in extra fat? Isn’t sausage fattening enough already? Well, yes, I suppose it is! But since this is a large batch of gravy and I am using a large amount of flour, I needed to add the extra fat to keep the fat/flour ratio somewhat balanced. I add the oil/butter at the beginning because I think it helps to get the sausage browning faster. But the main purpose is for all that flour to have something to mix into.

Second question: why do I specify using one tablespoon of oil plus one tablespoon of butter in the absence of bacon grease? Well, bacon grease is going to give you the most flavor here. But if you don’t have any lard or bacon grease on hand, butter would be my next choice. The problem is that butter burns easily. Mixing the butter with the oil gives it a higher smoke point meaning you can heat it to a higher temperature before it starts burning.

If you have any other questions about the recipe or want to share some of your own tips about making sausage gravy, please leave a comment!

Edit (9/25/07): I just changed the recipe below to specify whole milk rather than the less descriptive ‘milk’ I had originally suggested.

Sausage and Sage Cream Gravy

2 T. bacon grease (or 1 T. oil plus 1 T. butter)
1 pound bulk sausage
1/2 C. flour
4 C. whole milk, brought to a simmer
pinch of dried sage (or fresh, finely chopped)
salt, to taste
fresh ground pepper, to taste

1. In a medium saucepan, heat milk over very low heat, stirring occasionally. Make sure to keep an eye on the milk, don’t let it boil.

2. Meanwhile, in a large skillet (preferably cast iron), heat the bacon grease (or butter and oil) over medium high heat until melted, then add sausage. Crumble and cook the sausage until well-browned and no longer pink.

3. Sprinkle flour over the sausage and cook, stirring, for a minute or two.

4. Add warm milk all at once and cook, stirring, until thickened and bubbly.

5. Turn heat all the way down, add sage (if desired) and season well with salt and pepper, stirring and tasting frequently until the flavor is to your liking. Turn off the heat. Gravy will continue to thicken as it cools. Serve over warm biscuits.

Hope you enjoy your biscuits and gravy! Now I’m off to start making some healthier foods!

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  1. Kalyn

    I love biscuits and gravy! If I was splurging on my diet this would be my favorite breakfast! Thanks for the tips. I’ve never made this before.

    12:46 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  2. Peter

    Buiscuits & gravy are a southern thing and I have get try this stuff……i love “mopping up” food!

    1:11 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  3. Deborah

    I have been seeing biscuits and gravy a lot lately – oh how I wish I would have time to make a breakfast like this in the morning!! Maybe we’ll be having it for dinner!

    1:15 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  4. Curt

    Nicole, I don’t do the whisking, etc., either. I add flour right in with the sausage to brown it before I add the milk at all. I’ve never had clumps that I can remember… or at least they get confused with the sausage enough that no one notices!

    One thing I learned this weekend, though; it’s not easy making a plate of biscuits and gravy actually look good!

    1:25 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  5. Curt

    P.S. Thanks again for my household’s new standard biscuit recipe! I had one this morning with some apple butter… Still great!

    1:26 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  6. Becky

    This recipe looks great. I found the two question-and-answers at the end of the post to be especially informative. (And as usual, I love your photograph!)

    1:56 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  7. Nicole

    Wow it’s great to get so much immediate feedback!

    Kalyn: It can’t hurt to eat some every once in a while 😉

    Peter: I love ‘mopping up’ food too!

    Deborah: I see nothing wrong with eating this for dinner!

    Curt: I noticed on your biscuits and gravy post that we have similar gravy-making methods. I would love to try it sometime with the smoked sausage…sounds so good!

    Becky: I’m glad the Q&A helped! I always think it’s easier to follow a recipe if you understand why you’re asked to do things a certain way.

    2:13 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  8. Ruby

    Looks yummy! I didn’t grow up with biscuits and gravy either. For me it was tortillas and salsa, but I do love gravy whenever I get the opportunity.

    3:59 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  9. piealamona

    This recipe looks delicious. Thanks for all the helpful hints which will make this a “must try” recipe here at my home.

    4:59 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  10. Kathleen Lisson

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this excellend blog. I am encouraged to try your recipes because of the clear, no-nonsense way you describe your cooking techniques. Thanks for this excellent resource.

    5:52 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  11. Nicole

    Ruby: Haha…yes, I love it too! I cook/eat a lot of things now that my parents didn’t really cook.

    piealamona: You’re welcome! I decided that since I appreciate ‘tips and tricks’ when I can find them, the least I can do is pass them on to others!

    Kathleen: Thanks, that’s a wonderful compliment! I hope that you’ll let me know when try the recipes!

    6:52 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  12. Katiez

    I haven’t had cream gravy in ages! We had gravy often but not the ‘cream’ kind. And I love sage so I would use lots. Funny, I’ve just started using salt myself… amazing stuff!

    7:34 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  13. sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

    girl~ you’ve got it right. The secret to good gravy is the grease.
    the saying is…”If ya caint say gravy say grease”
    Lots of pepper, and some over done coffee makes it yummy!

    9:06 pm  Sep 24th, 2007
  14. Kevin

    That looks really good. I have not tried to make gravy yet. This is now on my list to try! The bacon grease sounds like it would add a great flavour to the gravy.

    12:30 am  Sep 25th, 2007
  15. Yon

    Mmmmm, That sure looks grrreat!

    -Yon, The Wurst Show.

    1:11 am  Sep 25th, 2007
  16. Alexandra

    Yum! I’ll add this to my must-try list. Would go great with my freezer biscuits!

    1:32 am  Sep 25th, 2007
  17. Steve

    Nicole – You opened the door so please go ahead and walk-through with a fried chicken adventure. Remember plenty of salt, the cast iron skillet, plenty of salt, high heat at first, and … oh, plenty of salt. Thanks!

    2:38 am  Sep 25th, 2007
  18. Terry B

    Nicole–You’re absolutely right about salt. Like you, I tend to be too timid with the salt shaker. But often adding more salt will suddenly bring the flavor to life. Not just of gravy, but of many dishes. Okay, here I am speaking dispassionately about the benefits of salt. Mainly, though, my mind is on sausage gravy overload. This sounds amazing, my friend!

    4:11 am  Sep 25th, 2007
  19. Nicole

    Hi everyone, just a quick note! If you look at the gravy recipe again, you will see that I have specified using whole milk. I wasn’t specific the first time around, but I always use whole milk in my cream gravy.

    Katiez: It’s funny, considering the name of my blog, that I haven’t talked much about salt until now. I think I feel a new blog post brewing 😉

    Sandy: I’ve heard something about adding coffee to gravy (or making coffee from gravy) but have never tasted it. It sounds a little strange but I’m sure it works!

    Kevin: Bacon grease adds great flavor to everything 🙂

    Yon: Thanks, Yon! Your show looks interesting, I’m going to check it out more later!

    Alexandra: You’re right, the gravy comes together really quick so by the time your oven is preheated and the biscuits are baking, the gravy will be ready!

    Steve: We’ll see. I’m just not a huge fan of fried chicken myself. I tend to like all of the side dishes much better than the chicken itself 😉

    Terry B: You’re right. While it is definitely possible to over salt a dish (I did it the other day, actually), I think that I could have saved so many ‘not-so-great’ meals over the years if I would have realized that they just needed a little more salt!

    6:24 am  Sep 25th, 2007
  20. Katie

    Ok, my mouth is watering, this looks sooooooo good. Much better than the protein bar I’m eating for breakfast as I’m typing….

    12:05 pm  Sep 25th, 2007
  21. Brian

    Mmmm-mmmm! I love biscuits and gravy far more than my wife or my belt would prefer! 🙂 Speaking of the wife, I wonder if I can talk her into making some! LOL!

    3:33 am  Sep 26th, 2007
  22. Jason

    I like biscuits, and I like gravy. Sounds like a good combination.

    4:01 am  Sep 26th, 2007
  23. Su-Lin

    It was either going to be sausage, gravy and biscuits or breakfast tacos for brunch this Sunday. Your post has caused me to sway in the direction of the gravy and biscuits. Thanks!

    3:40 pm  Sep 26th, 2007
  24. Doc

    100% perfect. I usually nit-pick recipes, but you got it awesome good. I approve!

    5:20 pm  Sep 26th, 2007
  25. Sandy

    I grew up on this stuff. My mom made white gravy and biscuits to go with the sausage and eggs in the morning. Now, if I make it, I do it your way, and make it for supper. Instead of eggs, I make grits and vegetables.

    Gravy is about the only thing that I add salt to, when I cook. It definitely brings out the flavor.

    9:01 pm  Sep 26th, 2007
  26. claudia

    whoa girlfriend. this was so not fair… i got to your blog – saw the pick and my mouth dropped. that rarely happens to me… wow. wow. i do this too. same technique pretty much although i use bacon. bacon gravy does not suck. but no sage with that one… anyway – maybe thanksgining morning – or christmas. or some other time when i haven’t just eaten my way through nyc for an entire week. whoa… it just looks so damn good……………..

    10:33 pm  Sep 26th, 2007
  27. Jen the bread freak

    This is one of my absolute favorite comfort foods. A guilty pleasure as well :). Your photos leave me drooling in anticipation!

    12:00 am  Sep 27th, 2007
  28. Sharon Mom

    Justin’ s grandmother Webber used to gently saute peeled granny smith apples in butter until soft, not mushy. Then sprinkle a little brown sugar on top, let it melt. Then cover the apples with sausage gravy. The gravy was full and rich. She used a little worchestershire in hers as well as the sage. Try it. It grows on you.

    4:45 pm  Sep 27th, 2007
  29. Nicole

    Su-Lin: Glad I was able to help you make up your mind!

    Doc: Coming from you, that’s an enormous compliment because I am certain you know your way around some biscuits and gravy! Thanks!

    Sandy: I’ve only eaten grits a couple of times and I’ve never made them myself. Is there any special way you eat them?

    Claudia: I’ve never had bacon in my gravy (although I use bacon grease in it when I have saved it) but I’m sure it’s great since bacon makes everything better!

    Jen: Thanks for stopping by!

    Sharon: That sounds delicious! I just asked Justin about it and his face broke out in a huge smile as he told me how good it is 🙂

    6:53 pm  Sep 27th, 2007
  30. Vanessa

    Boy do these look yummy… is there a better comfort food?! Thanks for the link to my vegan version – everyone should be able to enjoy this classic.

    4:37 pm  Sep 28th, 2007
  31. Nicole

    Vanessa: You’re welcome, I think your gravy sounds yummy…I bet the onions and jalapeno really add some great flavor! You’re right, everyone should be able to enjoy some biscuits and gravy every once in a while 🙂

    4:55 pm  Sep 28th, 2007
  32. Sharon LYF

    Gently saute granny smith apples in butter. Lightly sprinkle with salt and a little black pepper. Then sprinkle brown sugar to talse. Apples should retain their tartness. Then cover with sausage gravey. An old Webber-Hamaker receipe.

    6:16 pm  Sep 28th, 2007
  33. Sharon LYF

    My mother used to use left over bacon drippings for the “shortening” in her baking powder biscuits. Yumm.

    6:58 pm  Sep 28th, 2007
  34. Amanda P

    Its funny, My Mum makes a southern breakfast at least once a month. We all come over and she makes scramble eggs, slab bacon, biscuts and sausage gravey and apple butter. I just hope that If I ever have a family I can continue with the tradition. Thank you for sharing your recipie. I cant wait to try it

    2:32 am  Sep 30th, 2007
  35. Tempered Woman

    My family is big on the comfort food too! Biscuits and gravy is a family staple in my house. I couldn’t agree more with your experience on spices- I think keeping the gravy simple is the real trick. But I’ve actually found something that really works great (well, I think anyways…). I add ground mustard to my gravy- it adds a really nice rustic flavor without overpowering. I use turkey sausage because I don’t eat beef. My family recipe also includes slicing up hard boiled eggs as an addition towards the end. They actually taste great in there. I finish it off with a cheat (but they’re SO gosh darn easy)- I use Schwan’s herbed cheese biscuits. Makes for a perfect rounded out breakfast. Thanks much for such a fun blog to read!

    3:43 pm  Oct 4th, 2007
  36. georgene

    your recipes for biscuit and sausage was great but my question is what can i cut the gravy with if i have used to much salt

    12:25 am  Oct 25th, 2007
  37. Nicole

    Georgene: Here’s what I would do if the gravy is way too salty. Mix two cups of milk with 3 tablespoons of flour (either whisk it together or shake it in a jar). Start whisking the milk into the gravy a little at a time, tasting as you go. When it starts to taste right, stop adding the milk and cook the gravy until bubbly and thickened again. Hope this helps!

    5:43 am  Oct 25th, 2007
  38. Karen

    This recipe looks really great but like you, I’ve always been very timid with salt. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how much salt and pepper you would put in this recipe. ‘To taste’ is too vague for someone like me…I need specifics if you don’t mind. Thanks.

    10:26 am  Nov 25th, 2007
  39. Laurie

    Yours is the only one I found which included a spice in the gravy… thanks! The sage is great… just wondering if there are any other additional spices you would recommend?

    5:30 pm  Dec 3rd, 2007
  40. Steff

    A cold Texas night and we had biscuits and gravy for dinner! What a wonderful smooth gravy recipe – it actually looked pretty – I used turkey sausage and added some cayenne to ours – thank you!! In the past my gravy attempts have been nightmares!

    4:24 pm  Jan 18th, 2008
  41. Paula

    This sounds so good. It will be part of the dinner tonight. My daughter and husband love biscuits and gravy. I can’t believe that I have never made it. I just started thinking about dinner tonight and biscuits and gravy came to mind. I saw your site and thought it sounded awesome. Well, I can let you know tomorrow how everything turned out! As for the salt, I have always been conservative when it comes to salt, but I have also learned, certain foods just taste better with the proper amount. So, now scrimping tonight!!

    1:06 pm  Feb 20th, 2008
  42. Larry

    I find it very frustration to subscribe to your email service. I typed the letter in and it kept asking for more and more. After about 6 time I had enough trying to subscribe to your rediculas email service. Try cooking something up better.

    5:27 pm  Mar 14th, 2008
  43. Paula

    Tried the receipe and it was super. Loved it and will do it again!! The best part was that it was so easy!!

    11:22 pm  Mar 14th, 2008
  44. Nicole

    Paula: Glad you liked the recipe! I haven’t had these in a while but I think I’ll make them again soon 🙂

    7:25 am  Mar 15th, 2008
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  46. Liz

    georgene or anyone. The trick if you add too much salt to a dish is to take an uncooked potato and drop it in. Stew, soup, or gravy and let it sit for awhile. It will soak up the excess salt. :3

    6:26 am  May 2nd, 2008
  47. courtney

    i’m so happy i just found your website! i’m from texas and biscuits and gravy is a food group, but i’ve never made it, so i was searching for recipes and found yours. i was also delighted and very jealous to find out you lived in sicily for 4 years. i had a trip planned in march but unfortunately couldn’t go…anyways, will definitely be back to pinch my salt for more!

    2:06 am  May 22nd, 2008
  48. Vinnie

    Great recipe. the bacon fat mix with the pork sausage makes a huge diffrence in the flavor, just don’t make this a daily ritual or you’ll be visting your cardiologist for a cleaning.

    6:33 pm  Jul 11th, 2008
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  51. mike b

    I use a can evaporated milk. I learned that from the Southern ladies. It’s creamier and thicker than reg/whole milk so you don’t have to use as much oil. Killer blog. Peace.

    2:15 pm  May 26th, 2009
  52. TOP TENS ROUNDUP! « Food*Nerd

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    5:52 pm  Jul 7th, 2009
  53. majoann

    which recipe, the first one with the wl flour or the one with the variations

    1:36 pm  Jan 9th, 2010
  54. Lisa

    I wish I would have found this blog sooner. Wonderful I love it. Anyway, to all the sausage gravy lovers out there. My mother was from the south and for some reason IDK if it was a southern thing or just something she picked up along the way. But, my mother ALWAYS used a can of Evaporated milk ( she HAD to have Carnation Brand, Me? IDC about the brand) So, I keep hearing complaint after complaint from friends and I assume EVERYONE uses evaporated milk. NO they don’t . So, two friends recently asked me how do I make mine taste so rich and creamy? I let them in on Mom’s secret ( not a secret anymore) They made it for dinner and called me that evening and said OMG that did the trick. Now, mind you I don’t always have evaporated milk, last week I used heavy cream. I actually liked the heavy cream better. This is how my mom always did it. It is EXACTLY like the recipe here EXCEPT if you are using 4 cups of milk , use 1 (12 ounce can) evaporated milk and use whole milk to bring it up to 4 cups, A smaller batch? use the real small can. O I have tried more of the milk but it was way too thick. The other thing I have found is the flour should be cut back so It should be:
    If using the evaporated milk
    4 tbl fat
    3 tbl flour
    2 cups

    And basically I just double or triple even quadruple the ingredients. I have never ever put sage in but I will nown it sounds wonderful . I can’t wait to try it

    7:56 pm  Jan 17th, 2010
  55. Lisa

    OMG I just read more of the comments ( I am known to jump in before I read everything) and Did someone just write about BACON GRAVY ???!!! I actually just made it this morning. My kids and I love bacon gravy my husband? Not so much , he won’t even try it. My stepdaughter tried it this morning and loved it ( mind you she has been my stepdaughter for about 16 years) I guess it takes some longer than others to come around, But hey at least she finally tried it right? Bacon gravy is the BEST! Ok maybe not real healthy but certainly tasty. My son was home from college and he said the magic words to get any Mama up and in the kitchen rattling those pots and pans. He said ” Mom, I’m hungry” OMG MY poor boy. So, between the sticky buns I proofed last night and the biscuits and gravy for breakfast and the homemade bread and rump roast for dinner, I can honestly say I am all cooked out and he is satisfied. Until the next time he is home and most certainly hungry again!

    8:19 pm  Jan 17th, 2010
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  57. Laureen

    I just stumbled across this website while searching for steel cut vs. rolled oats. I am a recipe fanatic, love all things food and am currently studying dietetics. I’ve had a passion for cooking for more years than I’d like to admit. In 1987 the Frugal Gourmet published a book titled “The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American”. This is where I first learned the technique of adding flour to the cooked sausage and then the warm milk for lump free gravy. It is an extremely easy process and always consistent. I have since started using whole wheat pastry flour and 1% milk to bulk sausage with sage for equally satisfying results, adding more fiber, and a bit less fat and calories. Every little bit helps when it comes to cutting back calories and fat without compromising flavor.

    8:40 am  Jun 18th, 2010
  58. Wayne

    I got a recipe for biscuits/gravy from a wonderful out of the way restaurant in Story, IN (outside Bloomington). While the combination may sound odd at first, you really have to taste it to see how well the tastes come together. Follow the methods in the recipe on this page using breakfast sausage and optionally, but recommended, add some crushed red pepper flakes to the sausage while it browns. Add flour to make the roux, milk, etc, but hold off on salting. Towards the end, add a quality tamari / soy sauce (I like Lee Kum Kee; San-J is pretty good too, but whatever you have will suffice) and a chiffonade of fresh basil leaves (or chop them, as you like). The basil should be added right at the end to keep it from wilting too much. So delicious!!

    Today I’m working on a new Sausage/Gravy recipe idea using roasted poblano chilies and homemade Mexican Chorizo sausage. It sounds good in my head, need to see what happens…


    7:13 am  Oct 3rd, 2010
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  60. curtis

    Have always added sage to my biscuits and gravy.. making some right now it’s our Sunday morning staple..

    Years ago I ate some sausage made from pronghorn antelope, and since their diet consists of lots of sage the meat is very

    I liked it..

    5:21 am  Mar 20th, 2011
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  62. Lynn

    I’m making biscuits and gravy for 30 this week. Do you know how many servings your recipe typically makes? It sounds easy and delicious!

    1:44 pm  Nov 14th, 2011
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  64. Sheila

    I love making bacon or sausage gravy with Biscuits but if I don’t have bacon or sausage in the house then I will use hamburger meat!!! Hamburger gravy and Biscuits is so awesome for dinner!!! You make it the same way how u make the sausage gravy, but with hamburger meat!!! It’s really good!!

    5:26 am  Jul 21st, 2015
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