Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs

I first made these deviled eggs for Easter when I took them to a barbecue at my Aunt and Uncle’s house out on the ranch.  We ate good food, hid eggs for the kids, and were entertained all afternoon by my baby cousin Belle jumping on the mini trampoline.  She’s not even two years old, but has already learned some trampoline tricks.

Belle on Trampoline

The deviled eggs were a hit and disappeared even faster than deviled eggs normally disappear at a barbecue.  Several people requested the recipe and after I continued to hear about the eggs for a few weeks, I decided I’d better get to work.  Since I didn’t write down the ingredients when I first made them, I was forced to make them again this week.  I know, poor me, forced to eat Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs again.

It’s a rough life being a food blogger.

The first time I made them, I used canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, but this time I decided to try using my McCormick Gourmet Chipotle Chile Pepper.  It worked great!

This recipe is basically just a variation of my basic deviled eggs.  The main changes are that I added the chipotle, some garlic powder, and of course the bacon.  Although I’ve always said that I don’t like to add extra “stuff” to my deviled eggs, I have to agree with my family that these are delicious – especially with extra smoked paprika sprinkled on top!

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs with Smoked Paprika

I have been chosen by McCormick to participate in the McCormick Real Gourmets program. I have been paid by them and I received a big box full of McCormick Gourmet spices. I have been using McCormick Gourmet for years, and am thrilled for the opportunity to explore more of their spices and blends. I used McCormick Gourmet Chipotle Chile Pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika to create this deviled egg recipe.

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs

12 eggs, hard-cooked
1/2 cup mayonnaise (store-bought or homemade)
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon chipotle chile powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
salt, to taste (optional)
6 slices thick-cut bacon, cooked and chopped
smoked paprika for garnish

Cut eggs in half.  Arrange egg whites cut side up on a serving plate and put the yolks in a small mixing bowl.  Mash yolks with a fork then stir in mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, chipotle chile, and garlic powder.  Mash and stir all ingredients together well.  Stir in chopped bacon, reserving some pieces to garnish the top of the eggs if desired. Taste and add salt if necessary. I found that these were salty enough with the bacon added, but it depends on your taste.  Spoon some of the filling into each egg white half, dividing the mixture as evenly as possible between the eggs.  Sprinkle eggs with smoked paprika and garnish with bacon pieces.  Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Makes 24 deviled eggs.


  1. April

    Those look amazing, even with leaving out the bacon, since I don’t eat meat. I feel like real paprika barely even tastes, but smoked paprika really adds a deliciousness to savory dishes!

    3:24 pm  May 20th, 2011
  2. Phil

    Warning! Do not eat more than 8 of these in a sitting!

    Additional warning! If left alone with more than 8 of these, you will eat them all!

    Achtung! Aviso! Avertissement!

    I don’t want the same thing that happened to me to happen to anyone else. (That is, be immersed in deliciousness and eat way too many eggs)

    7:17 pm  May 20th, 2011
  3. Neil Butterfield

    They look absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    10:48 pm  May 20th, 2011
  4. Shaz (feedingmykidsbetter)

    Looks and sounds awesome. Your lil cuz is too adorable 🙂

    5:33 am  May 21st, 2011
  5. Karly

    I’m so making these today. I *might* share some with my husband, if he’s lucky.

    Your cousin is absolutely adorable!

    6:47 am  May 21st, 2011
  6. Deborah

    Wow….can’t wait to try these! Love deviled eggs, love chipotle, love bacon – genius! And like Karly said, I *may* share with my husband. 😉

    6:58 am  May 21st, 2011
  7. Jason

    I ate the last of them for breakfast today. They are good even 3 days old.

    8:26 am  May 21st, 2011
  8. Kristy Lynn

    Agreed – looks great!

    I wonder what pancetta would be like in there? Too salty? Too crispy?? Or pure heaven?

    3:34 pm  May 21st, 2011
  9. Yuri

    Beautiful deviled eggs, what really caught my eye was the serving dish! So pretty 🙂

    2:28 pm  May 22nd, 2011
  10. Erin

    How I love the idea of putting bacon in deviled eggs. As if they weren’t devilish enough!

    7:42 am  May 23rd, 2011
  11. Barbara

    Ah yes, poor you, having to make these all over again! Everyone loves deviled eggs and these look even more delicious than the usual fare!

    8:46 am  May 23rd, 2011
  12. Dave

    I love sliders that are on the spicy side, but never thought of adding bacon to the mix. Sounds wonderful.

    2:28 pm  May 23rd, 2011
  13. Lavender Blue Wines

    I love deviled eggs but this takes it to the next level!

    7:25 am  May 25th, 2011
  14. Erika

    How many canned chipotles did you use the first time you made them?

    7:35 am  May 26th, 2011
  15. Mrs. L

    You would think with me being the big bacon lover I am, that I would have thought to put a piece of bacon on my deviled eggs before. Awesome!

    12:45 pm  May 27th, 2011
  16. Claudia

    Haha. Funny that you say that everybody was so crazy about the eggs. Once I did filled eggs for a party and everybody loved them as well. There seems to be some kind of magic about it.The Deviled Eggs look yummyyyy!

    2:00 pm  May 28th, 2011
  17. Kristi Rimkus

    These eggs are going to my next BBQ. Chipotle and bacon? These are definitely kicked up deviled eggs!

    8:51 am  Jun 5th, 2011
  18. The Kitchen Magpie

    I love deviled eggs and this version looks fantastic! Perfect for that egg plate I have yet to use…this entices me to break it out!

    The Kitchen Magpie

    10:36 am  Jun 5th, 2011
  19. Suzanne

    Oh, am going to try this!!!!!

    3:57 am  Jun 10th, 2011
  20. Linda

    I can’t believe how good these are! I made them on Monday and foolishly only made half a recipe, I’m amazed I let any get to the table. Thank you for sharing – I’ll be trying more of your recipes soon!
    Burgers Here And There

    6:55 pm  Sep 15th, 2011
  21. Naomi

    I am so sad to know that I missed out on the best day of my life this year!!! I love deviled eggs…. these look eggstra spectacular. Lol…

    4:21 pm  Nov 12th, 2012
  22. Wayne

    Mouth watering, they look awesome. My eggs are boiling as we speak.

    2:24 pm  Dec 9th, 2012
  23. cassey

    Wow thats genius and i luv bacon that was smart putting it on deviled eggs absolutely genius i’ve had deviled eggs before with my friend but i don’t think sh’s lucky enough to get some ;0

    7:03 pm  Apr 3rd, 2013
  24. cassey

    Wow i hsve to try this looks so good smart putting bacon on eggs i luv bacon yum….$weet ! :0

    7:17 pm  Apr 3rd, 2013
  25. Emma @ Bevy Richmond

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    8:20 am  Jul 1st, 2014
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