Food Bloggers on the Radio!

Just a quick heads-up that I will be a guest on a radio show tomorrow morning!  The Gourmet Club, a local internet radio food show, will be featuring San Diego food bloggers this week!  Tune in on your computer to hear me talking about food, blogging, and the San Diego food scene with a couple of other San Diego bloggers that you probably know: Alice from Alice Q. Foodie and Amanda from What We’re Eating. The show will be hosted by Caron Golden of San Diego Foodstuff and Maureen Clancy of Matters of Taste and is sure to be a lot of fun!

The Gourmet Club airs this Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. til noon (PST), but if you aren’t able to listen live on your computer, the show will also be available as a podcast.  For more details about tomorrow’s show, visit San Diego Foodstuff.

And, if you have specific questions you’d like to ask us, leave a comment on Caron’s blog before 9:30 a.m. tomorrow morning or call in to the show live at 866.818.6384.

Hope you get a chance to listen!

  1. Fit Bottomed Girls

    Oooh, exciting! I want to know your top five can’t eat/live without foods!

    6:55 pm  Oct 28th, 2008
  2. Nicole

    That’s a good one!

    7:39 pm  Oct 28th, 2008
  3. Rayrena

    Hope you guys have a great time tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear it.

    8:07 pm  Oct 28th, 2008
  4. RecipeGirl

    I’m excited… will definitely be checking it out!

    5:58 am  Oct 29th, 2008
  5. Anali

    Good luck! I’m going to try and listen in. Oh, I just realized that I’m 3 hours too early. I’ll check out the podcast. Silly Eastern Standard Time….

    7:59 am  Oct 29th, 2008
  6. Nicole

    Anali: Yeah, will be much easier to catch the podcast!

    9:52 am  Oct 29th, 2008
  7. kellypea

    Just finished listening — You did an excellent job! I was really glad time was taken for you to talk and had to laugh that you mentioned your DB post wasn’t done. I’m working on mine right now — better late than never, right?

    12:03 pm  Oct 29th, 2008
  8. Nicole

    Kellypea: Thanks for taking the time to listen! I’m off to finish my DB post now 😉

    12:48 pm  Oct 29th, 2008
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