Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea: Heart-Shaped Egg in a Nest

Egg in a Heart

I’ve written about Egg in a Nest before, but I decided it was time to revisit this breakfast classic just in time for Valentine’s Day. I felt like making something fun for breakfast this past weekend and since February is the month of heart-shaped food (at least in the world of food blogs), I decided to break out my heart-shaped cookie cutter to create Eggs in a Heart for breakfast!

The method is simple. Grab a piece of bread, an egg, a cookie cutter or a knife, some butter, and a frying pan. Cut a heart-shaped hole in the bread.  Heat the pan over medium heat, add a bit of butter and swirl around.  Place the slice of bread in pan (as well as the little heart-shaped piece) and carefully crack the egg into the hole in the bread.

Egg in a Heart in a Pan

Sprinkle egg with a bit of salt and pepper and cook until the bread is nicely browned on the bottom.  Next, you can either carefully flip the slice of bread over to cook the other side, or you can slide the whole pan under the broiler and cook until the top of the bread is browned and the egg is cooked to your liking.  If you use the broiler method,  I suggest brushing the top of the bread lightly with melted butter (or a bit of bacon grease if you have some handy) before putting it under the broiler.

Serve with the little heart on top, or place it on the side.  Would be perfect with a side of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice.

Enjoy with your sweetheart!

Egg an a Heart with Bacon

If this is your first time learning about Egg in a Nest, it might be fun to read my first post about it, especially the comments!  There are over 80 comments on that post, most of them giving different names for this simple breakfast dish.  And if you happen to call it something else, head on over and join the discussion!

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  2. Crystal

    Why wait for Valentine’s Day for this? I think it’d be great for any day of the week just to tell your special someone that you love them.. I hate that some people think they only have to be sweet on Valentine’s Day.. 🙂

    Propane Burners

    12:08 pm  Nov 4th, 2010
  3. Kristy @momhatescooking

    So excited to see this idea. I’m not a big fan of eggs and this may be perfect for me to try eggs. I’m going to post about my experience with it and link to your post soon!

    11:55 am  Jan 31st, 2011
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  5. Broderick

    I found your blog page on bing and check a lot of the earlier discussions. Preserve up great perform. Seeking forward to reading through extra of your stuff at a later time!…

    8:26 am  Sep 14th, 2011
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  8. AC

    My husband and I had never seen this before and my uncle ordered it at a restraunt in Studio City, CA. They called it “bachelor’s toast”.

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  11. Liz Newey

    I love this! Valentines day has come and gone but I love the heart cut out…I think I’ll make this for breakfast for the man this weekend. I always wanted to try this method of cooking eggs and just never have before so I’m looking forward to it.

    9:29 am  Jun 28th, 2012
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