Wordless Wednesday: Farmer’s Market Day

Big Carrots

Cauliflower for Sale

Carrot Mosaic at The Vineyard Farmer's Market

  1. Heidi

    Beautiful tile! And those carrots and cauliflower! Yum 🙂 I can’t wait till the famer’s market in my area starts up again!

    3:43 pm  Mar 23rd, 2011
  2. Allen R. Shoemaker

    Hi, If that is not a sign of spring & summer . . . Mmmmmm Why is not much mentioned on Mushrooms, especially mushroom powder? There are so many uses, especially on and in meat. Did you ever try a mushroom flavored hotdog? Or a mushroom flavored kielbasa sausage? How about a mushroom flavored steak. I have found so many people that love mushrooms, but however—have never even heard of mushroom powder??? Amazing? Porcini and Black Trumpet Mushroom Powder have a wonderful flavor, and surely does enhance meats with an earthly wonderful mouth watering flavor. The powder dissolves into the juices of the meat while it is cooking!!!! Ever try mushroom powder on a sliced cherry tomato—Mmmmmm Try it!! There are so many uses with MUSHROOM POWDER . . . Yours truly, Allen R. Shoemaker

    4:19 pm  Mar 23rd, 2011
  3. Misty

    Love the tiled carrots!

    5:09 pm  Mar 23rd, 2011
  4. Maria

    Which Farmers Market is this? Is it Fresno, CA?

    5:44 pm  Mar 23rd, 2011
  5. Nicole

    Maria – Yes, this is the Vineyard Farmer’s Market in Fresno, CA.

    8:15 am  Mar 24th, 2011
  6. Maris (In Good Taste)

    I love Farmers markets and this one is stunning. I love the tile work.

    6:48 pm  Mar 24th, 2011
  7. james

    Have you tried those purple carrots from Thao? I bought some a couple of weeks back – very different flavor. I bet they’d be incredible roasted.

    8:35 am  Mar 25th, 2011
  8. Lucy

    Beautiful photos! Our farmer’s market in Marietta opens next Saturday and I cannot wait. The best sign of spring for sure.

    10:06 am  Mar 25th, 2011
  9. Ang

    Man, this makes me crave summer. Darn you rain!!! I love all the pictures too:)

    Also I have an award waiting for you on my site. You deserve way more than little computer generated boxes, but this will have to do. Keep up all the great posts:)

    1:34 pm  Mar 25th, 2011
  10. Karen (Forty Cloves)

    Oh, the sun!! Yesterday, we had snow flurries in New York! These photos have made me even more desperate for springtime…

    3:20 pm  Mar 25th, 2011
  11. Shelley

    The vegetables are just gorgeous and there’s something about that woman’s lovely, expressive face in the first picture that really moves me.

    But I am just CRAZY about that mosaic!

    1:17 pm  Mar 28th, 2011
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