Silent Sunday: Critter’s Cafe

Critter's Cafe

  1. Phoo-D

    Love this shot! That has to be the cutest squirrel feeder I’ve ever seen!

    11:04 am  Aug 15th, 2010
  2. Danielle

    This is the cutest ever! I love this idea! What a great shot too!

    7:00 pm  Aug 15th, 2010
  3. Dick Simpson

    Love this shot. Is this fron out east? It seems strange to see gray squirrels when we head east into Ohio as we are used to red squirrels in Iowa.

    7:12 am  Aug 16th, 2010
  4. Heather Peskin

    How adorable! This would make a perfect calendar picture.

    7:15 am  Aug 16th, 2010
  5. Nicole

    Dick: This was taken at my family’s cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

    10:11 am  Aug 16th, 2010
  6. Dick Simpson

    East coast, west coast…..I guess we are still a bit behind ih the midwest. 🙂 🙂 It’s nice to see they have a table of their own.

    10:30 am  Aug 16th, 2010
  7. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Hi Nicole

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    4:27 am  Aug 17th, 2010
  8. Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)

    Heheheh that’s adorable!!

    7:20 am  Aug 17th, 2010
  9. Kellie

    So glad I found your blog! Last Friday night I googled “red velvet cake”. It’s my husbands favorite, and although in the past I have always purchased a cake, for some reason I decided to do homemade this year! WOW. Got you recipe and it was delish! I noted that you were also hesitant on the 2oz of food coloring… I did 2 oz, but if I hadn’t had your notes to go on, I might have skimped. It was such a fabulous cake it has been put in the PERMANANT recipe book at my house. Thanks again!

    9:38 am  Aug 17th, 2010
  10. Lose Weight Naturally

    wow, what a amazing shot……

    9:29 pm  Aug 20th, 2010
  11. Sheree

    You have such a beautiful page. I tried making the Red Velvet Cake and it turned out so good! My family wont leave me alone now! We have sunday dinners at my mothers house and I have made it the past three weeks just to perfect it. Thank You for such a great recipe! I will visit this site often! P.S I love the photography! Do you take it?

    12:50 pm  Sep 6th, 2010
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