What Do You Eat With Cornbread?

I’m asking you! Tell me what meals you make that just aren’t complete without some cornbread on the side.

This morning my sister informed me that she has a huge box of cornbread mix (probably from Costco) that has been sitting in the cupboard for a while. She requested I make some meals over the next few weeks that go well with cornbread so that we can use it up. I immediately thought about black-eyed peas because that’s one thing that I can’t imagine eating without cornbread. But of course, I like cornbread with all kinds of different bean recipes! And lots of soups, too.

But what I want to know is what the rest of you like to eat with cornbread. Leave a comment and let me know. And while you’re at it, what kind of cornbread do you like to make/eat? Do you like it sweet or not? Do you make it with flour or just straight cornmeal? Do you make it in cast iron or just a cake pan? Do you eat with butter and honey like I do?

Come on, let’s talk cornbread!

Here are some recipes to get you started:

  1. Christina C.

    I like to eat John Hoppin’ over (cornbread) and taco soup with corn bread.
    I am new to making cornbread, and do not have a “seasoned” cast iron skillet for it. I usually bake it in a baking pan.
    I can’t wait to try those corn bread recipes you posted.

    3:21 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  2. Peter

    Eat it with chilli or make a stuffing with it, c’mon!!!!!

    3:26 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  3. Sweetielola

    I love cornbread with chili or soup…well I guess I just love cornbread. Here is a recipe I like…I think it was from the February 2002 Bon Appetit. Enjoy!

    Corn Bread with Jiffy Mix

    2 8.5 oz. Pkg. corn bread mix
    1-1/2c buttermilk
    3 large eggs
    1/4 cup (1/2 stick) melted butter

    Heat oven 375. Butter 13x9x2 metal pan. Empty mixes into large bowl and add buttermilk and eggs and melted butter mix well with wooden spoon.

    Pour into pan, bake, until tester comes out clean, about 25 minutes. Turn out on rack or put pan on rack to cool.

    3:37 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  4. bethany actually

    Cornbread and chili, of course. Specifically, this chili.

    3:55 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  5. Meg

    We eat cornbread with chili (four-bean veggie chili), black beans and rice, most tomato-based soups and stews, with turnip greens, and just stacked up in a glass and smothered with cold milk. :0)
    The recipe I use for standard cornbread/muffins is the one on the back of the Kroger cornmeal container; it’s the best basic one. I also love making Paula Deen’s Layered Mexican Cornbread and Cook’s Country’s Skillet Jalapeno Cornbread when I have more time.

    4:10 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  6. Teah

    I’m a wimp – I adore the Marie Calendar cornbread mix from Costco. (So, I guess I like it sweet, huh?) Since it’s my favorite, I never bother to make it from scratch. (Could I really make it better? Why risk it!)

    I love putting chili in a baking dish and topping it with cornbread batter. Bake it until the cornbread is cooked through. Absolutely DE-LISH! The sweet of the cornbread really adds to the slight bitter of the chili.

    Oh, and my sweet Southern Grandma ADORES day-old cornbread in a bowl with buttermilk. It’s an acquired taste.

    4:14 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  7. Matthew

    My grandfather used to break up leftover cornbread in buttermilk and eat/drink it as a dessert. I tried it once.

    I’d say it’s an acquired taste.

    4:57 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  8. Kari

    I eat cornbread with chili (which is obvious) but, I also eat it with ribs. I make glazed ribs, and some sort of sauteed dark leafy green with a sweet cornbread. It looks beautiful on the plate and the flavors are very complimentary.


    5:22 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  9. Rachel

    I like sweet cornbread with chili or barbeque, but my favorite way to have cornbread is super cheesy with some peppers with straight-up grilled chicken, steak or fish.

    5:46 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  10. laci

    blackeyed peas. yum.

    5:57 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  11. Steph

    I use a recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking book (it calls for stone ground corn meal & flour). Although, I like it sweet, so I bump up the sugar a bit and I use a 8 X 8 cake pan. It tastes like the Jiffy Mix my mom used to make, without the lard that Jiffy puts in! We definitely like it with chili, white chicken chili or any tex-mex dinners…..with butter. My girls call it Johnny Cake…..it was on the Jiffy box (that was before I read the ingredients label.) We just made a huge batch for my 1st graders class Thanksgiving feast. My future little bakers love to help!

    6:08 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  12. Jennifer

    chili, gumbo, jambalaya… My favorite recipe is for Savory Corn Muffins. Also, if your mix is more or less like Jiffy mix, I use a box of that (about 8 & 1/2 ounces or 240 grams), an egg, 1/2 cup butter, 8 ounces of sour cream, and a 15 ounce can of cream style corn. Mix it up and bake it at 350 for about 45 minutes. Quinn loves it!

    6:37 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  13. Emily

    Cornbread goes with a pot of pinto beans, sweet onion wedges and cole slaw in our house.

    6:51 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  14. The Secret Ingredient

    I was so glad to see someone else uses Jiffy Cornbread mix! My mom always used it, so I guess I’ve just followed suit without ever trying anything else (which is actually not at all like me—I guess it just brings back nice memories!)
    Like everyone else, I do make cornbread when I make chili (and I usually throw in some cheddar cheese to the mix)—but I actually more frequently use the mix to make cornbread pancakes. My mother-in-law actually got me into these—and they are fantastic! So, I guess in this case, I eat my cornbread with maple syrup and bacon!!

    7:39 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  15. Erica (crummy cupcake)

    In my house we did sweet cornbread from Alber’s cornmeal with syrup on top (that’s right, maple syryp). It was nearly always served with a big pot of pinto beans and ham hocs and fried potatoes. Still a favorite meal memory, though it’s been a long time since I’ve had any of it.

    10:33 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  16. Larissa

    Hi, just discovered your wonderful site!

    I’m a cornbread with chili sort of gal, all the way. But I also love my mom’s fresh corn bread with honey and butter. Mmmm!

    10:44 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  17. Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    Man, I haven’t eaten cornbread in a long time – but I love it with chili!! And I second the honey butter. YUM!

    11:16 pm  Nov 18th, 2007
  18. Summer

    Yummy. When I was a kid and we would have it with beans or chili, we would always save a piece to eat with grape jelly smeared on top. It’s great on sweet cornbread, but it’s a great balance to spicy cornbread too.

    6:46 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  19. Kevin

    Collard Greens, Blackeyed Peas and COLD (NON non-fat) Buttermilk

    7:28 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  20. Marie

    I am newly prego now and I can’t even think of eating. I have to close my eyes at some of your gorgeous food. But I hope to be done with this nausea thing soon and I will be back to this to make some delicious cornbread. I love cornbread with honey butter.

    7:41 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  21. Katie

    How about something different? Bacon, sausage, eggs, and maple syrup over hot cornbread? My mother used to do that for ‘quick’ suppers.

    8:12 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  22. Nicole

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting this much of a response!! Thanks for sharing, everyone!

    Christina C: Taco soup and corn bread sounds great!

    Peter: This might sound crazy but I don’t usually eat cornbread with chili. And I don’t make cornbread stuffing, although I do like it!

    Sweetielola: Thanks for the recipe!

    bethanyactually: Thanks for the chili link! I’m sure I’ll be making some soon and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

    Meg: Wow, all those things sound great! Never heard of putting it in a glass with milk, though!

    Teah: I’m pretty sure that the mix in the cupboard is the Marie Callendars kind from Costco. I’ve never tried it…either from the mix or from the restaurant so I’m not sure how sweet it is. I guess I’ll be finding out soon! Hmmm…buttermilk and cornbread…might be good!

    Matthew: I have never heard of the buttermilk/cornbread thing so it’s funny to hear the same thing from two people in a row! It actually sounds kind of good to me…I might give it a try!

    Karl: I don’t think I’ve ever made cornbread with ribs but you’re right, that sounds like a great combination! Usually I make some garlic bread or something but next time I’ll try cornbread instead. I love eating coleslaw with barbecued ribs!

    Rachel: Yum! The cheese and peppers sound great!

    Laci: Yep, I haven’t had them in a long time but I love the way my mom used to make them!

    Steph: Sounds great! I like using stone ground corn meal in mine, too. And I usually add extra sugar because my husband likes sweet cornbread.

    Jennifer: Thanks for the recipe link, I just added it to the list! I’m not sure how this mix compares to the Jiffy mix. I think it’s Marie Callendar’s cornbread mix from Costco but I haven’t examined the bag yet.

    Emily: Mmmmmm…cole slaw! 🙂

    TheSecretIngredient: Cornbread pancakes sound great! I’ve never used the Jiffy mix but I know lots and lots of people who do!

    Erica: Wow, I bet it’s great with maple syrup on top! That meal sounds really really good! Talk about comfort food!!

    Larissa: Welcome! All this talk about chili is making me wish I had a bowl!

    Sara: Maybe you should make some 🙂

    Summer: Never tried it with grape jelly because we never had it in the house when I was a kid. But my sister has a jar of it in the fridge so maybe I’ll give it a try this week!

    Kevin: I’m really thinking I should make some blackeyed peas! I’ve actually never cooked collard greens, maybe I should give it a try! I find myself using buttermilk in my baking more and more but I’m not quite to the point where I’m drinking it yet 🙂

    Marie: Congratulations! Is there any particular food that doesn’t turn your stomach right now? Hope it doesn’t last too long!

    8:24 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  23. Nicole

    Katie: I think that sounds absolutely wonderful! The more I think about it, the more I want to try some cornbread drizzled with maple syrup!

    8:25 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  24. Ruby

    Baby back ribs and chili 🙂

    8:53 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  25. Curt McAdams

    Being from Ohio, we used to have sweet cornbread that we’d put sugar and milk on. It was really great as a breakfast or even late night snack. Now, I’m more likely to have it with a stew or chili.

    I was glad to see you made it to CA safely. 🙂

    9:06 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  26. Rivka

    I make a four-bean vegetarian chili, pour it into a pyrex, and bake the cornbread right on top — an easy one-pot meal!

    9:25 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  27. chefjp

    I enjoy what was once a traditional Southern breakfast—warm corndread that has some cane syrup drizzled on it. If you’ve never tried cane syrup, try to buy a brand called Steen’s–it’s excellent.

    9:34 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  28. Laura

    My grandmother likes to serve cornbread with country ham and greens (turnip, collard, mustard, kale…). She mixes whole corn into the batter and cooks it in her cast iron skillet. She serves it sliced like a pie, edges crisp as if they were fried. Yum!

    9:47 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  29. Nicole

    Ruby: Yum! Is that what we’re having next time I visit?

    Curt: The more I hear you guys talking about cornbread with milk, the better it sounds. I’ll have to try it with some of the leftovers (if there are any)!

    Rivka: Sounds great! Do you think it would be good with sweet cornbread on top? I think the mix we have is probably pretty sweet.

    ChefJP: I haven’t tried cane syrup…I’ll look for it!

    Laura: I’ve never put corn kernels into my cornbread but I think I’ll try it! I love the crisp edges that form in the skillet!

    10:03 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  30. Amy

    I love it with Chili. I actually like to crumble it up and put it on top as a kind of cornbread crust for the chili. That way I get a bit of cornbread in each bite. It actually would be pretty cool to make cornbread bowls and put chili it. Or even a smaller version of that as an appetizer. Other than that, its so good warmed with melted butter anytime. Thanks for stopping by the site Nicole!

    11:06 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  31. Jennie

    I like cornbread with any soup – mostly tomato-based ones and chili. I also love it with white beans. I don’t like sweet cornbread – I’d rather have salty than sweet!

    11:25 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  32. Ruby

    They have a new restaraunt here in the Fresno area called Famous Dave’s. They serve the best ribs with cole slaw and side of ranch style beans…mmmmmm!!!
    Anyhow, they serve a large cornbread muffin with every bbq meal and I gotta say the muffin is my favorite part of the meal! Probaby cause it’s full of fat and sugar…haha

    11:40 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  33. Nicole

    Amy: I’m thinking about trying some of the other suggestions and baking the chili with cornbread batter on top…maybe with some sharp cheddar stirred in. That’s a great idea for an appetizer! Maybe little cornbread muffins with the middle cut out, filled with thick chili. Hmmm…might have to try that sometime!

    Jennie: I love white beans! Now I’m craving some navy bean soup!

    Ruby: I’ll have to try it when I’m up there to visit!

    11:52 am  Nov 19th, 2007
  34. Steven

    Nicole, Ahead of the curve, as always, you bring in such great ideas. This time of year, I always make heavier dishes – chili, heavy bbq sauce, roast beef, etc. Those all go great with cornbread – and I have been known to fry corn bread in a skillet.

    12:44 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  35. Mrs. L

    Chili. Chili isn’t chili without some cornbread. And not sweet cornbread (but sweet butter on it is okay). Other than that, cornbread with some bacon…a meal in itself!

    1:04 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  36. Susan B

    Right now I’m cooking a big pot of pinto beans to go with cornbread for supper tonight. Another favorite cornbread combination is turnip greens or turnip greens and mustard greens cooked with a ham hock. My East Texas roots are showing! Like the Homesick Texan, I never put sugar in my cornbread. Also never thought about having chili with cornbead – we usually made Frito pie out of chili.

    1:48 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  37. Laura

    I can’t believe I left this out; maybe it’s because summer’s over, but whenever my grandmother has fresh butter beans (no, frozen or canned will not do!), they are served along with the cornbread, ham, and greens meal I mentioned earlier. Really, I don’t know whether the cornbread or the butter beans would be the star of the show. But it *is* the kind of meal where the meat would be a side dish. 😛

    Also, I looked at your cornbread links, and Elise’s looks the most like my grandmother’s. I think my grandmother makes it with butter these days, not bacon fat, and she’s never used cheese, onions, or garlic. If you ever try whole corn in sweet cornbread, I’d love to hear how it comes out!

    1:53 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  38. Barbara

    Laura, I think we have the same grandmother–and she liked cornbread with milk, too, butter or sweet, didn’t matter. Definitely fresh butter beans with ham hocks and greens. I don’t like any except collards, but they’re very good right now.

    The cornbread I make is just slightly sweet, 1/4 sugar, and I bake it in a cast iron skillet to get the best crust. Then serve it in split wedges, buttered, with aforementioned fresh beans. This is one of my top five comfort foods in the universe.

    This is making me so hungry!

    3:45 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  39. Nicole

    Steven: Yum! I love all of those things! Unfortunately (or fortunately) the weather in San Diego isn’t feeling very autumn-like! I’m in the mood for heavy meals but the weather is telling me it’s still salad time! I’m not paying attention to it, though 😉

    Mrs. L: Well, that’s what we’ve decided to do tonight! I might actually put the cornbread batter on top and bake it like several have talked about earlier. I think it sounds great! And maybe even throw some grated cheddar into the cornbread batter, too!

    Susan B: Yum! I have a pot of beans on the stove, too. A combination of kidney beans, pinto beans and great northern beans (all from cans), I’m just going to turn them into some vegetarian chili.

    Laura: Wow, that meal sounds fantastic! Actually my brother-in-law was talking about loving butter beans and cornbread…something his grandmother makes. I don’t know that I’ve even tried them before!

    Barbara: It’s making me hungry, too! Luckily I have a pot of chili beans on the stove so I’ll be eating soon! 🙂

    4:51 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  40. swirlingnotions

    I loooove cornbread and baked beans. Especially my mom’s three bean molasses baked beans. Mmmmmmm.

    5:18 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
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  43. Julie

    My grandmother made a skillet of cornbread every day of her life. My favorite way of eating it is with white beans and cooked cabbage. I love it sweet, fixed in a good ol seasoned skillet. It is really good when it is warm,cut through the middle with creamy peanut butter smeared in it. It is also good when used to “sop up” the juice from fried apples.

    8:06 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  44. Nicole

    Lia: Mmmmm…baked beans! I haven’t had that in so long! My grandmother makes some really good baked beans, I lost the recipe and keep meaning to get it from her again. Thanks for the reminder!

    Julie: Wow, cornbread every day! I’ve never tried it with peanut butter, I’m sure it’s good! I really wish I had some of those fried apples right now! 🙂

    8:28 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  45. Jonathan

    That’s easy! I would have huevos rancheros made with my homemade salsa Jonathan style with my own homemade jelepeno cornbread. Of course some guacamole on the side. Sounds heavy? Who cares. I’m hungry now and the bowl of oatmeal I just had is extremely jealous. I better go do damage control.

    Oh…and to Julie – I love skillet made cornbread!

    10:55 pm  Nov 19th, 2007
  46. Alanna

    I also call it Johnny cake and eat it with cane syrup. I’m from BC, Canada, and our local brand is Roger’s syrup – it’s wonderful! This is a great breakfast food all on its own.

    1:46 am  Nov 20th, 2007
  47. Nicole

    Jonathan: Mmmm…huevos rancheros! Sounds great!

    Alanna: I’ve never thought of eating cornbread for breakfast but you guys are convincing me to give it a try! Thanks for joining in the discussion!

    10:58 am  Nov 20th, 2007
  48. Dena

    Oh gosh we love to eat cornbread with the classics: black-eyed peas and sauteed greens of any sort, but preferably greens that can stand up to the meal, like collards, chard, kale, etc. You can find my recipe for this meal (which is my husband’s very favorite) here: http://denasrecipeexchange.blogspot.com/2007/11/hubbys-favorite-dinner.html

    3:29 pm  Nov 21st, 2007
  49. Vegetarian Chili Pie with Cheddar Cornbread Crust — Pinch My Salt

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    8:01 pm  Nov 22nd, 2007
  50. Mary

    I recently found this receipe shared on an internet forum and love it. We took it to our Thanksgiving potluck and the family loved it too. Personally, I cut the butter in half (and didn’t melt it, just let it mix with the egg and sour cream in the mixer). Mine came out more like a corn pudding — yummy!

    1 package of Jiffy cornbread mix
    1 egg
    1 stick of melted butter
    8 ounces of sour cream
    1/3 cup of milk
    1 can of corn drained
    1 can of cream style corn

    Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Add to a greased 2 quart pan or a 9 x 13 if you want it a little thinner.

    Bake at 375 for approx. an hour. Or until the sides are browned and the middle starts to crack.

    This is a cakey dish that is even better the next day reheated.

    4:36 pm  Nov 23rd, 2007
  51. Mary

    Opps — the name of the dish is Corn Dish Bliss.

    4:48 pm  Nov 23rd, 2007
  52. Jessica

    I really like cornbread with Tortilla soup! yum

    11:05 pm  Nov 26th, 2007
  53. Nancy

    I also like to eat cornbread and buttermilk together. I guess it is a southern thing. I am from East Texas and my late grandmother introduced me to it when I was a kid.

    6:36 am  Jun 24th, 2008
  54. Esther

    I use “Purity” brand cornmeal and the recipe on the back is perfect!
    I fry buttered day old cornbread in the pan and load a fluffy/spicy/cheesy omelet on top – great for brunch.
    And because I’m Canadian, I have to have it warmed up with butter & maple syrup – awesome dessert.

    10:41 am  Jul 10th, 2008
  55. Danielle

    As discovered at Aux Vivres in Montreal, cornbread is at its absolute best served with guacamole!!!!!!!! when the cornbread is warm, a little crusty, with diced peppers and onion baked in……I am in heaven…..just made myself hungry again

    12:26 pm  Aug 14th, 2008
  56. Carolyn Lee

    Today I bought a big bag of the Costco Marie Callendar Cornbread Mix. I have a question: Should it be stored on the shelf or in the refrigerator? It has a one year shelf life?

    6:38 pm  Nov 24th, 2008
  57. Nicole

    Carolyn–I think the cornbread mix is fine stored on a shelf, that’s where my sister keeps hers.

    7:44 pm  Nov 24th, 2008
  58. connie

    we eat corn bread with Spanish rice ,also, goes well with taco salad sloppy Joes,Taco soup,and I to am a jiffy user @ 52.My mom used it to..

    3:53 pm  Dec 30th, 2008
  59. Deidre

    I realize this post is an older one, but I had to mention cornbread dumplings. It is sooooo good and takes the old cornbread and chili and gives it a whole new taste.

    Stir together 1/2 c. flour, 1/2 c shredded cheddar, 1/3 c yellow cornmeal, 1 tsp. baking powder, and a dash of pepper. Combine 1 beaten egg, 2 tablespoons milk and 2 tablespoons cooking oil. Add to flower and stir with a fork just till combined.

    Simply drop the mix by tablespoonfuls into simmering chili. Simmer, covered, about 20 min. more or till a toothpick inserted into dumplings comes out clean.

    This makes 4 servings.

    I have done variations on this recipe like adding, chilis to the cornbread mixture or even some corn. They are sooo good!

    10:18 am  Feb 12th, 2009
  60. Jessica

    I eat CB with a vegetarian bean curry recipe I found on allrecipes.com. … delicious!

    6:56 pm  Feb 12th, 2009
  61. Ralph

    My grand parents would eat cornbread in a bowl with buttermilk poured over it. Is there a southern nick name for this snack? No one seems to know. Growing up, I always thought there was a name for it, but cannot seem to find and answer. Thanks in advance….

    5:23 pm  Feb 20th, 2009
  62. Kim

    I find it strange that so many people like corn bread with chili. I was raised to eat fritos and crackers with my chili.
    I like corn bread with beans and with bacon fried rice.
    I also just enjoy it on its own for a snack.

    1:55 pm  Apr 4th, 2009
  63. Amanda

    Cornbread served warm with butter and raspberry jam. Yummy!

    3:53 pm  Apr 28th, 2009
  64. Sarah

    I like cornbread with greens (spinach, swiss chard, etc) and gravy. Homemade white gravy. I think this is a southern thing because it is how My grandma and mom always eat it.

    4:13 pm  May 23rd, 2009
  65. kim

    I came across this looking for something different to do with cornbread…and love the ideas. I use the Jiffy mix, and tried my hand at making up my own recipe. This is what it is: Brown 1 lb of hamburger, in a small bowl mix 2 Tbs of taco seaoning with 1/2 cup of water, and add to hamburg. Then add 1 cup of salsa and 1 cup of cooked corn. Let simmer for about ten mins. Make cornbread mix following box directions. Place hamburger mixture in a breadpan and pour cornbread mix on top. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 mins. Enjoy.

    12:46 pm  Aug 11th, 2009
  66. gettyleigh

    growing up in PA my Dad and Grandparents, used to make it with chili, ham and beans soup, pancakes, and other stuff, but my favorite was like cereal in a bowl, with regular milk and some sugar sprinkled on top. It’s not half bad with beef stew either. Dont forget the hush puppies . . . they are great with fried fish and just about everything now that i think of it!

    1:43 am  Aug 22nd, 2009
  67. Chuck

    Although we are transplanted Yankees, we do love cornbread in our house, although it’s almost always with homemade vegetable soup. And Mexican cornbread is always the favorite. I make it with yellow cornmeal, eggs, cream style corn from the can, sour cream and lots of shredded pepper-jack cheese (with jalapeneos), and of course the salt, baking soda and Crisco… gets a nice crust, but the inside is so moist and flavorful you really don’t need butter with it.

    9:38 am  Oct 11th, 2009
  68. Kaye Syx-Ramsey

    At my house we use Jiffy. The way we like it is fry up some 2 lbs of sloppy joes and mix a couple boxes of Jiffy,put half of Jifffy in a Bundt pan pushing some of the batter up the side. Next put in sloppy joes and then pour rest of jiffy on top. bake according to package directions. Love all the comments. I am going to try some,especialy the Chili Pie recipe. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1:59 pm  Dec 13th, 2009
  69. Kayla B

    We always ate cornbread with ham and beans growing up… it’s not ham and beans without cornbread to dip it in. :]

    1:42 pm  Jul 22nd, 2010
  70. Danielle

    When I was a kid my grandma always made us a home-made roast with corn bread! For some reason I have always thought that that was the only way to eat it! With mashed potatoes to dip it in! And Swiss Chard! That was the family favorite! And dont forget the gravy! Mhy grandmas recipe was neither sweet or hot! It made it perfect to combine it with just about anything! Honey to make it sweeter, ham and cheese to make a sandwich out of it, etc.

    1:09 pm  Jul 26th, 2010
  71. Bonnie

    I usually crumble up cornbread in stew. it is the only way to eat stew!!

    11:07 am  Oct 18th, 2010
  72. Vanessa

    mmm… make Johnnycake (as a dessert) and serve it warm with butter and maple syrup (seriously… nothing better!)

    4:17 pm  Jan 10th, 2011
  73. Darrell Bluett

    Beans and cornbread, that’s all we ever have up hurr!

    8:36 pm  Jan 15th, 2011
  74. Samantha

    Wow, I am surprised no one mentioned fried chicken, or chicken and dumplings. I can’t think of fried chicken without corn bread.

    11:45 am  Mar 6th, 2011
  75. Lisa

    Hot crusty cornbread with ice cold buttermilk poured over it!

    5:04 pm  Jun 26th, 2011


    10:50 am  Jul 28th, 2011
  77. vikki

    am just making my first ever cornbread and hope if the kids like it to put it in their lunchboxes tomorrow but unsure what would go with it. jam perhaps?

    5:46 am  Sep 12th, 2011
  78. justme

    Potato soup, vegetable soup. chili….also warm with butter and blackberry jam…and if it is sweet corn bread, in milk!!! Yum!!!

    5:37 pm  Nov 18th, 2011
  79. justme

    Also try this recipe. My husband and step-son love it.
    1 box Jiffy
    2 eggs
    1 can cream style corn
    1 can whole kernal corn
    1 stick butter, melted.

    Mix all together and bake at 350* for 35-45 minutes.

    5:43 pm  Nov 18th, 2011
  80. king

    with every thing

    11:17 am  Feb 6th, 2012
  81. Len Clement Sr.

    All those recipes!!
    It was a WOW moment!!

    4:03 pm  Feb 8th, 2012
  82. Hanna

    I just made a yeast cornbread with garlic and cheddar cheese. It’s rising now and smells amazing already. I’ll be serving it with Chicken Enchalda Soup.

    12:40 pm  Mar 23rd, 2012
  83. george moore

    I found that Crusteaz brand Honey Cornbread is the best. I add a tablespoon or two of pure honey that my aunt sends from Pennsylvania. Pure heaven fresh from the oven paired with tomato cabbage soup. ENJOY!

    5:27 pm  Apr 25th, 2012
  84. JoJo

    I have always loved cornbread in a glass a milk like someone else mentioned. Nothing like taking a bite of the milk soaked cornbread then a small piece of sweet vidalia onion with it. It is amazing! Best way I have found to cook the cornbread is to pre-heat a 12″ cast iron skillet in a 375 degree oven with about 1/4 cup of vege oil in it. While that is heating, mix up your batter…..1/2 cup all-purpose flour, 2 1/2 – 3 cups of yellow corn meal, 2 large eggs, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 whole stick of salted butter melted, 3/4-1 cup of buttermilk. May require a small amount more of buttermilk. After the pan has heated for about 15 minutes, take it out and pour the mix in. The oil will rise up and slightly run over the edges and top. That is perfectly fine, you want that to happen. It makes a beautiful crust that tastes amazing!! Bake for about 40-45 minutes until top is light to medium brown. Let the cornbread cool completely if you intend on trying it in a glass of milk. That way there won’t be any heat and the milk will stay cold. Of course this cornbread has alot of butter but believe me, IT IS WORTH IT FOR THE END PRODUCT!!! Enjoy!!

    2:07 am  Jun 1st, 2012
  85. rebecca

    Wow, ive never made corn bread and the overall consensis is to eat it with Chilli!! LOL its like a combination i didnt really think of ( im from Australia ) so im gonna make me some corn bread and rustle up something chilly oriented LOL i thought corn bread was like a southern fried chicken with salad style accompanyment LOL shows how much i know.. koool cant wait! 😛

    10:41 pm  Oct 15th, 2012
  86. Rosie

    Stumbled on this site when my hubby asked what he should bring to his car clubs Chili cook off with the corn bread besides butter and molasses (we eat it with just butter with the Chili or with both butter and molasses for a dessert or crumble it up in a bowl with butter molasses and milk!) I then remembered some folks like honey. This site is great we are debating the cornbread dumplings

    6:05 pm  Nov 10th, 2012
  87. Angela

    Cornbread Pancakes (BREAKFAST)
    I use Jiffy, but mix up your cornbread stuff, instead of adding a little heat or spice to it, add a tablespoon or two of Sugar… Get your skillet out with a dab of veg. oil and heat at a med/hi. Make cornbread just like you would a pankcake, nice round golden with a slight crisp. 🙂 I could eat that by itself all day everyday! I make about 3 per person.

    Sausage and Bacon for your meat, and two sunnyside eggs.

    No need for syrup on your cornbread but if your a sweet eater, you may add a little and it still taste AWESOME!!!!

    Hope you try it out and enjoy!
    I love to cook and talk food, so if you want find me on Facebook.
    Angela Robardey

    I tend to post pictures of my food thats how much i love to cook. Lol
    And now because of this comment and reading, Ive decided tonights dinner will be changed to this! 😛

    7:21 am  Mar 22nd, 2013
  88. cook magazine

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    Basically wished to notify you you have folks much at all as i am that
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    7:19 pm  Apr 22nd, 2013
  89. Holly

    In Texas we eat cornbread in buttermilk for breakfast, cornbread & ribbon cane syrup or sorghum molasses (E.E.Wilson’s out of Henderson Tx is best), make dressing out of cornbread, slice hot cornbread, butter it and drown it in peas & potlicker then top with tomato, onion and fresh peppers, pinto beans & cornbread, homemade vegetable soup & cornbread, beef stew & cornbread and best of all-
    Make up 2 packages of Morrison’s cornbread mix (from Denton Tx), it’s slightly sweet
    Layer the following in a large clear glass bowl:
    chopped tomato
    shredded cheddar cheese
    chopped green onion tops
    crumbled cornbread
    ranch salad dressing
    continue to layer up to the top of the bowl
    and feel free to add bell pepper or black olives, spinach, cilantro, a can of pinto or black beans (rinsed & drained), diced cucumbers & purple onion, whole kernel corn drained or anything else you like in a salad
    Finish off the top with shredded cheese and just before serving, toss to mix

    6:33 pm  Feb 6th, 2014
  90. afwife719

    We eat our cornbread with chilli, pinto beans and ham, taco soup, as a snack/breakfast just as muffins and I also bake it on top of tamale pie, it’s a bit spicy but the sweet cornbread tones it down. Love all the suggestions, was looking for something different tonight and got tons of ideas!

    2:06 pm  Apr 3rd, 2014
  91. joni

    i always have soup with it like any kind of soup its so good!!

    4:02 pm  Feb 26th, 2015
  92. Mike from Ala.

    I love white cornbread with sweetness to taste. Take a jar of suarkrat and cut up raw hot dogs pour in a pot together. Pour off some of the juice and pour in a beer. Cook on stove eye til it’s done to u r taste! Of course make cornbread with buttermilk. They sell already seasoned cast iron skillets now! Take a bite of hotdogs and suarkrat, bite of cornbread, then a big swallow of milk! I am addicted! Sometimes I eat 2 plates a day! YUM YUM ! I use only cornmeal ,no Mr jiffy!

    9:43 am  Apr 6th, 2015
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